Report alleges Bloomberg is considering Hillary Clinton as his VP

After months of rumors that Hillary Clinton might run against Donald Trump again in 2020, the prospect is becoming less and less likely.

However, the Drudge Report sent shivers through the spine of every conservative this week when they put out an exclusive report alleging that 2020 Democrat candidate Mike Bloomberg is seriously considering adding Hillary Clinton to his ticket if he wins the primary, according to Breitbart.

Take a look:

Deny, deny, deny

After setting the political world on fire, the Bloomberg campaign tried to dial down the rhetoric about a possible VP candidate. Per the New York Post, when Bloomberg’s campaign was contacted about the possibility of having Hillary on the ticket, they deflected.

Jason Schechter, Bloomberg’s communications director, stated: “We are focused on the primary and the debate, not VP speculation.”

While the campaign was in deflection mode, however, Bloomberg seemed to confirm the Drudge report with a veiled tweet of his own.

Damage control or responding to polls?

There are two ways to look at this. Surely, Bloomberg ran some polls — if the Drudge report claims are true — to see how Hillary Clinton might play in a general election.

Honestly, though, it is hard to imagine Hillary Clinton paired with a 78-year-old billionaire would be appealing to most Americans.

There is another possible play here, though, and that is damage control for Bloomberg. His campaign got rocked this week with accusations of both racism and sexism, so this could be a move specifically to do some damage control.

That would also explain his tweet touting the impact women have had on his life and his campaign.

The odds of this rumor actually coming to fruition, though, seem minimal. Although Bloomberg is creating a buzz, he is going to come out of the first four states with no delegate support and he is banking on a big showing on Super Tuesday.

Besides, if he does add Clinton to his ticket, he is not only going to have to deal with all of his own skeletons, but the skeletons of the Clinton family also get thrown back into the mix. Last time we checked, that didn’t exactly work for Hillary Clinton in the past several elections.

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