Temporary block of Biden’s deportations freeze likely to be extended

A federal court is making it difficult for President Joe Biden to implement a part of his immigration plan.

Breitbart reports that a federal judge in Texas is now expected to extend a temporary block on Biden’s 100-day deportation pause. 


As a presidential candidate, Biden promised to halt the deportation of all illegal immigrants from America for a period of 100 days. Biden made good on that promise during the first days of his administration, signing an executive order that instituted a 100-day moratorium on deportations.

What followed was a lawsuit from Texas. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration looking to prevent the 100-day deportation moratorium from going into effect.

Paxton argued that Biden’s no-deportations policy would have a negative impact on the state of Texas.

Paxton thus asked the federal court in Texas’ Southern District to issue a temporary restraining order until the lawsuit could fully be heard. If granted, this would temporarily stop Biden’s 100-day no-deportation order from taking effect.

The Biden administration’s first loss

Earlier this week, Paxton’s request for a temporary restraining order was granted by Judge Drew Tipton of the Southern District of Texas, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump.

Tipton granted the temporary restraining order for a period of 14 days, meaning that deportations would be allowed to continue until the 14-day period expires. Tipton argued that this was appropriate under the Administrative Procedure Act.

On Friday, though, reports emerged indicating that Tipton will likely extend this temporary restraining order to February 23rd.

Are deportations still happening?

Breitbart reports:

U.S. border agencies are still deporting migrants back to Central America . . . But the aircraft are likely carrying recent arrivals at the border, and those new migrants are not included in Biden’s no-deportation policy. Advocates also claim that some migrants are being deported from interior states.

Breitbart also notes that the restraining order only stops part of Biden’s deportation moratorium. The outlet reports that it, for example, does not “curb Biden’s directives to sharply reduce the arrests and detention of illegal migrants.”

Nonetheless, Paxton and Tipton here gave President Biden his first legal defeat, preventing one of his policies from going into effect — at least temporarily. As we know, former President Trump throughout his administration had to deal with activist judges who tried to put a stop to his immigration policies. The shoe is on the other foot now.

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