BLM sides with Hamas terrorists who slaughtered Jewish youths

October 11, 2023
World Net Daily

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The leftist group Black Lives Matter is using its social-media accounts to champion the Palestinian terror-war against Israelis Jews, despite the murderous savagery of Hamas invaders – including slaughtering scores of innocent children – that has scandalized the world.

BLM's Chicago affiliate put out an X-post, viewed by millions of people, effectively glorifying Hamas terrorists' paraglider-assisted slaughter of Jewish civilians, including reportedly more than 240 peace concert attendees in southern Israel, before deleting and expressing regret over the post.

The Oct. 10 "@BLMChicago" X post shows a graphic of a man paragliding with a Palestinian flag, above the words: "I Stand with Palestine." The message attached to the post was: "That is all that is it!"

As the video at bottom by Straight Arrow News reports, motorized paragliders played a key role in the Hamas terror-attack by enabling its gunmen to fly undetected into Israel, one by one, to carry out their plan of mass-murdering Jews (the largest slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust).

After being roundly criticized for the paraglider post, the BLM affiliate deleted it, posting a message of regret. However, in subsequent posts it continued to rail against the "Zionists," a code-word historically used by many on the Left who deny Israel's right to exist.

Left-watcher and Post Millennial reporter Andy Ngo sent out a post Tuesday containing the deleted BLM X missive along with his comment: "The official Chicago chapter of Black Lives Matter released a graphic of a Hamas paraglider with the text: 'I stand with Palestine.' A unit of Hamas militants used paragliders and hang gliders to launch their armed massacre of civilians in southern Israel. BLM, like Antifa, has long expressed support for Palestinian terrorism in the name of "de-colonialism" and fighting capitalism."

In a sassy X post Wednesday that showed little contrition, BLM-Chicago stated: "Zionists we know we hurt your feelings yesterday. We do sincerely apologize. And ya’ll are going super low, with really basic, boring, not clever, racism, zionism & violence & you are just organizing people for us. Are you missing the more you act up the more followers we get?"

BLM hates 'Zionists'

BLM-Chicago's Instagram account also posted pro-Palestinian messages after the Hamas assault, Daily Caller News Foundation reported Wednesday.

In addition to deleting the paraglider X post, DCNF reports that BLM Chicago took down "an Instagram post which called social media chatter about the brutal methods that Hamas terrorists used during the attacks 'disinformation.'"

DCNF reports: "The deleted Instagram post contained multiple pictures with two young black women discussing the events in Israel and Palestine, with one of the women defending Hamas terrorism. 'There is a lot of disinformation being spread about what Hamas are doing based in racist and Islamophobic tropes of Muslims and Arabs. Misinformation with absolutely no evidence,' their Instagram post reads."

“How can you be so quick to condemn an entity you know absolutely nothing about? Such disinformation is being used to dehumanise the Palestinian civilians that Israel has declared genocide upon in Gaza,” the post continues, according to the report.

It states regarding a separate BLM-Chicago Instagram post: "Another slide on the [BLM] post discussed the methods that Hamas is using with one of the women questioning the brutality of Hamas’ methods. The other woman responded that her friend shouldn’t tell Palestinians 'how to resist.'"

Conservatives call out BLM – and its Democrat supporters

BLM's support for Hamas is not new, and the organization itself is part of a worldwide leftist movement that generally supports radical Palestinian militancy and jihadist fighters over "Zionist" Israel. Left-wing rallies across the world have sought to rally support for "Palestinians" despite the incomprehensible, bloodthirsty tactics of Hamas.

Actor James Woods reminded his followers of BLM's radicalism Wednesday, sending out an X post with a 2015 video of BLM founder Patrisse Cullors "calling for the eradication of Israel." In the video, Cullors states: "Palestine is our generation’s South Africa…if we don’t step up boldly and courageously to end the imperialist project called Israel, we’re doomed."

Pro-Israel conservatives seized on BLM-Chicago's deleted paraglider X post to highlight the extremism of the organization and call out liberals who supported BLM as a "mainstream" instrument of reform after the George Floyd riots.

Libs of TikTok founder Chaya Raichik sent out an X post related to the painful education that pro-BLM Democrats are getting courtesy of Hamas' surprise terror-attack on Israeli civilians: "Watching some Democrats realize that they’ve been supporting a terrorist organization for years is glorious. Thank you BLM for finally spelling it out clearly for all your supporters to understand!"

Several prominent X accounts focused on the Anti-Defamation League's past support for BLM, as the leftist ADL is now supporting Israel's right to defend itself against left-wing, pro-Palestinian activists who are blaming Israel – not Hamas – for the current crisis and escalating war.

The X influencer @KanekoaTheGreat send a post out Wednesday saying: "BLM Chicago has deleted their tweet supporting the Hamas terrorists who parachuted into Israel. Now, I'm left wondering, when will the ADL delete their posts supporting BLM? Or does the ADL still support BLM?"

DNCF reported Wednesday that Chicago's Democratic mayor, "progressive" Brandon Johnson, "is staying silent Wednesday after his local Black Lives Matter (BLM) chapter posted and then deleted a message of support for Hamas terrorists just days after brutal attacks in Israel."

"Johnson did not respond to multiple requests for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation asking whether or not he supports BLM Chicago following the pro-Hamas posts, and didn’t provide an update on the status of a 'Black Lives Matter' mural that has adorned a public Chicago street since 2020," it reported.

X owner Elon Musk adapted a popular meme to highlight the hypocrisy of the left-biased media regarding his platform and "antisemitism," with the "media" character sweating over having to choose between X being "an anti-Semitic cesspool" or "a Zionist propaganda machine."

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