Blinken may face contempt of Congress for ignoring subpoenas

May 9, 2023
Jen Krausz

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will face contempt of Congress actions soon if he doesn't comply with a series of subpoenas seeking information about the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, warned House Oversight Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) on Monday.

McCaul issued a statement to Blinken on Monday threatening the contempt action and possible civil enforcement actions if Blinken continued to stonewall the committee.

Republicans want to see a dissent report from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, which would have detailed misgivings with the plan.

Blinken and the State Department ignored multiple deadlines dating back to March to provide the information.

Briefing not good enough

Instead of providing the documents, the State Department offered a briefing about them. McCaul accepted the briefing but said it didn't fulfill the subpoena requirements and that the committee still had unanswered questions that only seeing the documents could provide.

"It’s unfortunate that despite having received a classified briefing on the dissent channel cable, as well as a written summary, that the House Foreign Affairs Committee continues to pursue this unnecessary and unproductive action," State Department principal deputy spokesman Vedant Patel said Monday. "Nevertheless, we will continue to respond to appropriate oversight inquiries and provide Congress the information it needs to do its job while protecting the ability of State Department employees to do theirs."

The withdrawal was widely considered disastrous by the world and ended up leaving thousands of Americans and Afghan allies behind in the country, which had by that time fallen back under Taliban rule.

Biden wanted to end the war, which had gone on 20 years, by September 11, 2021 because it was the 20-year anniversary of the attacks on the Twin Towers. He put political expediency over the conditions on the ground, which were becoming unstable.

Impeach Blinken?

A number of Republicans, including 63% in a recent Rassmussen poll, said they would like to see Blinken impeached over an entirely different matter, the fact that he sought and received support for a letter from the former intelligence community about how Hunter Biden's infamous laptop was probably "Russian disinformation."

In fact, the laptop was no such thing, but all it took was Blinken suggesting the letter for over 50 former intelligence agents to jump on board and do his bidding.

This was blatant election interference, done by someone who would later become a top Biden administration official. If that's not impeachable, what is?

So many lies

Blinken also lied to Congress during a transcribed interview before he was voted on to become Secretary of State in 202. At the time, he said he didn't email Hunter Biden about anything, but it was found that he did email him from a personal email about a meeting the two had.

While it will be next to impossible to successfully impeach and convict Blinken with the divided Congress we now have, it may be time to start taking action on some of these corrupt Biden officials and do what can be done to discredit them and get them out of their positions.

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