Black Rutgers Prof Claims: ‘Whiteness is Going to have an End Date’

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Undiluted racism was on screen in a 2021 video that has been uncovered, of a Critical Race Theory professor from Rutgers telling an audience that “white people are committed to being villains” and warning “whiteness is going to have an end date.”

It is a report at the Post Millennial revealed Brittney Cooper made the comments during a podcast interview.

Cooper, who teaches “Women’s and Gender Studies” and “Africana Studies” also charged, “We gotta take these m————s out.”

She described whites as being the cause of dysfunction in the world, as black and brown people were able to travel the oceans and share friendship and prosperity.

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In fact, many of those who sold blacks into the slave traders’ hands on the African continent were themselves black.

“White human beings thought there’s a world here and we own it. Prior to them, black and brown people have been sailing across oceans, interacting with each other for centuries without total subjugation, domination, and colonialism,” she claimed.

The report noted she also explained, “whiteness totally skews our view of things.”

History actually began before whites arrived in America, she said, and there were Africans in the Americas “being brilliant” with “libraries and inventions” and “vibrant notions of humanity and cross-cultural exchanges long before white people showed up being violent and terrible and trying to take everything from everybody,” she charged.

Commentator Christopher Rufo suggested the opinions were uninformed.

“The problem with critical race theory isn’t only that it seeks to stereotype, scapegoat, and dehumanize. It’s also that many of the discipline’s practitioners, such as ‘Professor Crunk,’ are monumentally ignorant. Their identity is treated as a substitute for scholarship,” he explained.

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