Black Lives Matter summarily reject Biden’s effort at appeasement with anti-police executive order

President Joe Biden issued an executive order last week that imposed a number of policy reforms on federal law enforcement that were quite obviously intended to appease the highly vocal anti-cop segment of his Democratic Party.

In that, the president failed miserably, as the Black Lives Matter organization merely accused Biden of perpetuating a policing system based on racism and white supremacy, the Conservative Brief reported.

The organization’s oppositional remarks made it clear that the group will accept no reforms of law enforcement short of the complete defunding and abolition of all policing in general.

Biden bows to leftist anti-cop agenda

President Biden’s executive order issued on May 24 is only directly applicable to federal law enforcement agencies, though the order was also meant to serve as an adoptable standard by state, local, and tribal agencies, which would also be incentivized to implement new federal standards.

Some of what that order covered included the creation of a national accountability database for police misconduct and strengthened standards for the investigation and discipline of alleged civil rights violations.

The order also makes the use of body-worn cameras mandatory, bans the use of chokeholds and other restraints, and limits the use of “no-knock” warrants and surplus military equipment by law enforcement agencies and officers, among other things.

Just about everything included in President Biden’s order was lifted from police reform legislation that has been stalled in Congress for more than a year. That legislation had, in turn, been based on the demands put forward by anti-policing groups like Black Lives Matter during the anti-cop protests and riots that swept the nation in 2020.

BLM rejects Biden’s ordered reforms to federal law enforcement

Yet, if Biden thought that Black Lives Matter and its anti-cop comrades would be mollified by his executive order, he was sorely mistaken.

“Maintaining a white supremacist institution like policing costs Black lives. This continued commitment by politicians to support our killers makes them accessories to our demise,” the group posted to its official Twitter account the day after Biden issued his order.

About a half-hour later, the BLM account tweeted, “Politicians have been protecting systems of policing as if it could magically abandon its roots of slave patrolling and anti-Black violence. Banning chokeholds and requiring body cameras doesn’t keep us safe. More money for ‘training’ doesn’t keep us safe.”

“President Biden’s EO willfully ignores the inherently racist origins of policing & advances the same ideas over and over again as if somehow it will magically make old, outdated approaches work. Halfway measures will not save our people from white supremacy and state violence,” the group added a few hours after that.

Biden and his administration sought to appease and garner approval from the cop-haters in the Democratic Party’s base, but that effort failed and now the president has alienated his far-left base while also belying his own empty rhetoric on protecting and respecting the embattled men and women who are tasked with enforcing the nation’s laws.

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