Black Lives Matter leader facing massive lawsuit

Townhall reports that Shalomyah Bowers, the leader of Black Lives Matter (BLM), is facing a lawsuit in which he is accused by another top BLM member of stealing $10 million from the BLM Global Network Foundation (GNF). 

The foundation is the administrative arm of BLM. It was set up by Patrisse Cullors to accept donations.

Thus far, GNF is believed to have taken in more than $100 million. And, now, Bowers is accused of taking about $10 million for himself.

The lawsuit

Melina Abdullah, the leader of BLM Grassroots, is behind the lawsuit.

Abdullah accuses Bowers of using BLM as his “personal piggy bank.” She also accuses him of “betray[ing] the public trust by self-dealing and breaching his fiduciary duties.”

The lawsuit details how Bowers, “through a series of misrepresentations and unauthorized backroom dealings . . . managed to steal control over GNF as the sole Board member and officer.”

Courthouse News provides more details, writing, “Bowers has taken control of Black Lives Matter’s financial accounts and social media accounts, shutting out its founders and most prominent organizers, like Melina Abdullah.”

Bowers, then, is alleged to have used his position for his own self-enrichment, siphoning off $10 million from GNF to his consulting firm. The $10 million is written off as payment for “fees.”

Bowers’s response

Bowers has responded to Abdullah’s lawsuit with a post that he published on the homepage of

“Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) is here to give light and fight for Black liberation,” Bowers writes. “Make no mistake, the allegations of Melina Abdullah and BLM Grassroots (BLMGR) are false. They are slanderous and devoid of reality.”

Bowers added:

Melina Abdullah and BLMGR’s storytelling concerning the current BLMGNF Board is harmful, divisive, and false. It only gives fodder to right-wing media’s clear agenda of sowing distrust and division among Black folks, and it is in deep contrast to abolitionist values and the fight for Black liberation.

Abdullah, after filing the lawsuit, tweeted:

Today was a challenge for me. I am all for confronting white-supremacy, much harder to tell the truth about liars and thieves in our own midst. And still we must.

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