Photograph of black conservative being harassed by white liberals goes viral

The city of Philadelphia is officially out of control.

A group of white liberal protesters took to the streets to harass conservatives, including sticking a megaphone to blast its message directly in the face of African-American conservative Candace Owens.

Debunking Liberals

Ms. Owens has made a big splash on the scene for her willingness to speak out against the bogus narratives being spread around by uneducated liberals.

Millennial liberals have taken to the words “fascist” and “tyranny” while not fully comprehending the meaning of the words.

Leftists, who also consider every conservative a racist these days, sunk to a new low during their protest in Philadelphia.

Owens and the rest of her party were being harassed in a local restaurant, then it really got out of control when they walked out the front doors…

The protesters were not only giving Owens and her friends the business, but also chose to talk a little smack about the police officers on duty.

Ironically, many of the officers on the scene were black or Hispanic.

That did not stop them from continuing to spew their rhetoric, though.

Their childlike antics (screaming and whistleblowing) were almost as moronic as their message.

Did anyone in their group realize they were shouting “Stop White Supremacy” at a black woman?

Uneasy Times

We are starting to tread on very dangerous ground.

We have come to a time when no conservative is safe on the streets these days, especially in cities like Philadelphia.

These “protestors” continue to get into the face of people without any repercussions.

Authorities are so terrified of doing anything to them for fear of feeding into their bogus narrative.

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This country is on the verge of a civil war, which is exactly what liberals want.

They are going to continue to poke the bear until someone reaches their breaking point and that may not be very far into the future.

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