Dr. Birx: If you can go to Starbucks, you can safely vote in-person this fall

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other Democrats hoping to convince all Americans to vote by mail this November just got some devastating news.

In an interview with Just the News‘ David Brody, Dr. Deborah Birx, a prominent face on the White House coronavirus task force, said she believes it will be safe for voters to hit the polls this November despite the ongoing pandemic.

“Well, I can tell you it has been safe for me to go to Starbucks and pick up my order,” Birx said when asked about in-person voting, according to Brody.

She went on: “If you go into Starbucks in the middle of Texas and Alabama and Mississippi that have very high case rates, then I can’t say that it would be different waiting in line in the polls.”

Just picking up coffee

According to Brody, Birx has been touring the country “in an attempt to gauge whether people are wearing masks and socially distancing” — and that involves a lot of stops for coffee.

In Birx’s mind, if she can pick up Starbucks during her road trip, there’s no reason Americans can’t vote in-person this fall. “Of course,” Brody writes, “she cautions that masks must be worn and social distancing must be adhered to.”

“I know there’s a way, but you really do have to pay attention,” Birx told Just the News.

The doctor also addressed in her interview questions about whether a vaccine for the coronavirus will soon be available.

“Vaccines are being manufactured and that’s going well,” she said, acknowledging that “Americans are getting fatigued” after months of social distancing and mask-wearing, according to Brody.

A thankless job

Of course, nobody is pretending that we can stuff people into a small room without preventive measures and expect COVID-19 to stay under control. But with precautionary measures, Birx indicates the 2020 election can move forward as planned — and without the risk of fraud that President Donald Trump has warned comes with mail-in ballots.

In the meantime, however, Birx is focused on fighting the virus that has infected some 5.6 million Americans and killed over 176,000, according to The New York Times — though it seems it’s a thankless job.

“I do get death threats, and I get text messages that are horrific,” Birx said in her interview, according to Just the News. “I get stuff sent to my home where my daughters are that is shocking and their phones get shocking messages. All of that has been happening since March.”

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