Report: Bill O’Reilly set to return to television in primetime spot on Newsmax

Fans of Bill O’Reilly will be happy to know the former Fox News host will be back on air soon.

According to several reports, O’Reilly will reportedly be taking over the 8 p.m. slot for Newsmax.

Falling Out

While he was working for Fox News, O’Reilly was one of the most popular figures in cable news.

His show was regularly at the top of the nightly ratings, bringing in big advertising dollars for Fox.

But when Fox got rocked with sexual misconduct allegations, O’Reilly was one of several high-profile members of the Fox team caught up in the scandal.

Not long after word circulated, O’Reilly left Fox News.

Tucker Carlson was eventually given O’Reilly’s spot and has continued the domination by Fox in the primetime 8 o’clock hour.


Although O’Reilly was ousted by Fox, he did his best to keep his name relevant in news.

His Killing series of books remains popular, and it has kept him in the headlines in his absence.

O’Reilly’s opinion also remains sought after, with the former Fox News host making numerous appearances on talk shows and other channels.

Never one to shy away from controversial figures, Newsmax apparently believes there is still a significant market for O’Reilly.

The organization more than likely believes landing O’Reilly is the fastest route to making it to the big time.

Liberals, of course, are freaking out that O’Reilly may be getting a second chance.

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Mind you, these are the same people who applaud Bill Clinton for garnering massive speaking fees and are glad the likes of Keith Ellison won his recent election for, of all things, attorney general.

O’Reilly will be welcomed back to the airwaves by conservatives simply because he tells the truth with no holds barred.

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