Bill O’Reilly: Americans were unmoved by Roger Stone arrest

For many Americans, the arrest and subsequent indictment of former Trump adviser Roger Stone was nothing more than a sideshow at a cheap country fair — and former Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly fully agrees.

According to O’Reilly, after Stone’s arrest, “the collective reaction from America was a yawn.” 

Much Ado About Nothing

The early morning raid on Stone’s home last Friday featured more weaponry than a Navy SEAL mission targeting a high-value terrorist. And the fact that CNN just happened to be there seemed to aggravate more people that it impressed.

After Stone’s arrest, there was massive outrage on social media over the immense resources dedicated to bringing in a man that would have more than likely turned himself in had his attorneys received notice of the warrant.

Furthermore, most Americans believe Roger Stone is a small-time player in the overall scheme of things.

More importantly, Stone actually left the Trump campaign in 2015 and is being indicted for things he did on his own — meaning that even if the charges are founded, they don’t mean much for President Donald Trump, much to CNN’s dismay.

Point being: Stone’s actions had nothing at all to do with the Trump campaign — and they surely do not point to collusion between Trump and the Russians to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

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Hanging Your Hat on This?!

Moreover, many Americans are upset with the scope of the special counsel probe. After two years of investigating and millions of dollars of taxpayer money being spent, this is what Robert Mueller is hanging his hat on?

O’Reilly was similarly unimpressed with this investigation.

“What we have is after the fact, alleged lying. OK. That’s bad, I don’t justify it, but is this worth $30 million of taxpayer money? Is that what this is all about?” the former Fox star asked.

Mueller is just throwing darts at this point. He has nothing on Trump regarding collusion — and he knows it.

The only good news is that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker recently stated that he believes Mueller is just about to wrap up this investigation and release his report.

It’s about time.

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