Turning Point USA co-founder Bill Montgomery dies of COVID-19

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) co-founder Bill Montgomery has passed away at the age of 80 from complications of COVID-19, according to Fox News.

Montgomery founded the conservative student organization together with Charlie Kirk back in 2012, and the enterprise has since become a serious political force in this country.

Devastating loss

Commenting on the loss of Montgomery, Kirk said, “He believed in me. He poured his heart & soul & time into me. He took a risk on me and without Bill Montgomery, there is no TPUSA. He touched the lives of thousands of young Americans and I will miss him greatly.”

The emergence of TPUSA played a significant role in the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, energizing young conservatives who had been neglected by the party establishment for years.

Even in the current societal climate, the organization is doing incredible work in spreading conservatism to college-age Americans.

As Fox News noted, Republican strategist Caleb Hull shared a text from Montgomery in which he described his work philosophy, saying, “I’m not in this for myself. I don’t want anything in return. I’m not here on this earth for very long and I want to leave this place better than when I started. You’re an important piece of that puzzle I’m trying to figure out for the future and I’m going to help you in any way I can.”

Montgomery will be dearly missed by both his family and friends as well as the greater conservative community of which he was such a critical part.

Furthering the mission

Kirk and TPUSA will continue the work to which Montgomery was so committed, an effort that is needed now more than ever.

Among the issues important to the organization relates to the current debate about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, especially in light of the circumstances underlying Montgomery’s passing.

In the wake of Montgomery’s death, outlets such as Politico quickly jumped at the chance to question Kirk’s own prior statements on mask wearing, and it didn’t take long for leftist activists to twist Kirk’s own words to attack him.

By way of response, a spokesperson for Kirk said, “The mainstream media wants to censor dissident voices and a robust debate and that’s really what Charlie’s advocating for, for a robust debate. Because so many lives and really the entire country is implicated, we need that debate more than ever.”

In this time of rampant misinformation and media confusion, robust debate is essential, and fortunately, Kirk and TPUSA will continue to do their part in ensuring that it takes place.

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