Bill Maher wants Melania to divorce President Trump

If you thought liberals were playing dirty pool before, wait until you hear what comedian Bill Maher is up to now.

During Friday night’s episode of Real Time, Maher urged Melania Trump to leave her husband, President Donald Trump, because he is apparently “ruining the world.”

New lows

People are not supposed to take joy in creating misery for others, but that is where Bill Maher is going with his comedy these days.

Indeed, on Friday, Maher took to begging Melania Trump to leave her husband — all in the name of making the world a better place.

“Melania, the world needs you,” Maher said. “Maybe if you left [Donald] for another man, especially if the man was Mexican, maybe he would implode.”

Maher went on to suggest the first lady channel her “inner Taylor Swift” and “walk out the door.”

And the hits keep coming…

It’s no secret that Maher wants President Trump out of the White House.

He suggested that with Trump’s money and power, women don’t leave him; Trump leaves them. But Maher said Melania could change that cycle and turn the president’s world upside-down.

According to Maher, President Trump would go insane if he were alone.

Maher thinks that since the president was married three times, it is proof he simply does not know how to be by himself.

Maher also appealed to Jerry Hall, who is married to Fox’s Rupert Murdoch.

Together, Maher claims Trump and Murdoch “are ruining the world.”

But their successes say otherwise.

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