Bill Maher publicly expresses concern about the Republicans stealing the marijuana issue from the Democrats

Fox News reports that liberal comedian Bill Maher recently expressed concern about the possibility of Republicans stealing the marijuana issue from the Democrats. 

The issue, of course, is whether or not the sale and use of marijuana ought to be legalized, particularly at the federal level.

Earlier this year, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to do just this – decriminalize the possession of marijuana. The final vote was 220 to 204, with three Republicans voting in favor of it.

Despite this, President Joe Biden has not really pursued the issue, which is what led Maher to talk about it.

The GOP will “steal the issue”

On Friday’s broadcast Overtime, the audience presented a question for former Attorney General Eric Holder, who was Maher’s guest that evening. The question raised was why Biden hasn’t pursued the legalization of marijuana.

Holder didn’t exactly answer the question. He simply said that “it’s something we ought to do.”

That’s when Maher jumped in and suggested that if the Democrats do not, then the Republicans might end up stealing the issue.

“Republicans are gonna steal the issue, I think eventually,” Maher said. “I mean, someone like John Boehner works for a marijuana company now. I mean, it could be one of those freedom issues. And, of course, Republicans smoke lots of pot too.”

Maher, here, is referring to former House Speaker John Boehner (R). Boehner, in 2018, joined the board of Acreage Holdings, a marijuana company, and he has also become the chair of the National Cannabis Roundtable, a pro-cannabis lobbying group.

“Equity” or change?

Maher went on to bring up the fact that many Republicans only opposed the House bill because it contained equity-type language. Accordingly, Maher asked Holder whether it is “better to have the law passed or changed or is it better to hold out for equity?”

“It’s better to have the law changed,” Holder replied, adding, “I wouldn’t want to stop the movement that I think makes sense for the sake of equity.”

We’ll have to see whether Biden and his fellow Democrats follow Holder and Maher’s advice and pursue the legalization of marijuana. It will also be worth keeping an eye on how Republicans, going forward, approach the issue.

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