Bill Maher says he has ‘mixed feelings’ about Joe Biden candidacy

Bill Maher says he has “mixed feelings” about Joe Biden as a candidate for president.

Speaking about Biden’s health, Maher said, “I do worry, I do worry. Like I’ve said about age, it’s individual. Some people look pretty good … Joe doesn’t look good. He looks like he’s on a coin.”

Getting Old Joe

The 76-year-old former vice president’s age has come up before. With the election still a full year away, Biden would turn 78 before his first day in the Oval Office, IF he won the election.

That is not exactly promising to voters that would expect Biden to remain in office for his full term and possibly run for a second.

At that point, he would be 82 years old, running the country. The fact of the matter is the office alone can be very stressful and demanding, let alone adding the stress of campaigning into the mix.

Biden does appear fit, but the strain of being on the campaign trail for little more than a month has already taken a visible toll on the man.

Voters want to be assured the man they elect remains in office for his term, something that is questionable with Joe.

Not Just Physical Appearance

In addition to Biden’s physical health, there is his habit of touching women and girls in ways that are sometimes perceived as inappropriate.

Biden has long been referred to as “Creepy Uncle Joe” in DC circles for the way he touches women and young girls on their shoulders and whispers into their ears.

Even after promising to stop after multiple women spoke up about how it made them uncomfortable, just this past week Biden did it again with a 10-year-old girl. Additionally, he commented on how pretty she was.

For any other candidate, this is not a big deal. But for Biden, it is really starting to raise some red flags.

With every passing day, Biden is becoming less attractive to voters, and it’s not only for his unpleasant penchant of touching women.

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