Bill Clinton hints that Hillary ‘may run’ for president

There have been rumors running rampant in the media for weeks now that Hillary Clinton may be contemplating throwing her hat into the 2020 ring. And former President Bill Clinton did nothing to temper those rumors on Wednesday night.

“She may or may not ever run for anything, but I can’t legally run for president again,” Bill Clinton stated, according to Breitbart. 

Give Us a Straight Answer

Hillary has clearly not ruled out running in the 2020 presidential campaign.

If she had, she would have given a definitive answer, but she and her surrogates continue to be coy about her plans.

The fact that Bill Clinton, in Hillary’s presence, refused to give a completely straight answer makes it very clear that the option of running for Hillary is still very much on the table.

Can Hillary Win?

First and foremost, we have to look at Hillary’s chances of even getting through this primary. Most of the money is gone by now, as all but a few candidates are really struggling to generate cash right now.

Joe Biden is reportedly down to $9 million, which will hardly get him through the primary let alone the general election.

If Hillary announces now, she will only be able to pick up the scraps and will more than likely pull votes away from Biden, assuring someone like Warren or Sanders of winning the nomination.

If Hillary runs and wins the nomination, she still has to worry about beating Donald Trump. So much has come out since the 2016 election, it is hard to imagine enough Americans trusting Hillary Clinton enough to pull the handle for her in 2020.

Not only that, but Hillary has been spreading some pretty wild conspiracy theories as of late, making people question if she even had the mental aptitude to hold the office at this point.

Hillary, however, clearly cannot get over her loss in 2016 and she may see this as her last hurrah in politics.

If the next set of polls come out and Trump is beating the current frontrunners, it would not be a surprise at all to hear of Hillary’s late arrival to the presidential race.

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