Bill and Hillary Clinton receive chorus of boos at Billy Joel concert

Once considered some of the brightest stars in the Democratic Party universe, former President Bill Clinton and his wife, twice-failed presidential nominee Hillary, have seen their brightness become greatly diminished in recent years.

Their growing unpopularity was loudly displayed Thursday when their attendance at a concert in New York City was announced and cheers from the crowd were quickly overshadowed by an audible chorus of boos.

Cheers quickly turned to boos

Fox News reported that the attendance of the Clintons at the Billy Joel concert in Madison Square Garden on Thursday was noted by Joel himself when he dedicated one of his songs to them as a token of their friendship.

The mention of the Clintons, as well as the duo being displayed on the large screens behind Joel and above the arena, initially drew cheers from some in the audience.

However, those cheers were soon matched and nearly drowned out by the boos from others in the crowd.

Prior to Joel dedicating the song to them, the Clintons were shown on the big screens while the piano player/singer performed a rendition of “Only the Good Die Young.” It was after that song had concluded that Joel dedicated the next song in their honor.

The Clintons’ stars grow dim

It is not entirely clear exactly why so many members of the crowd chose to boo loudly at the mention of the Clintons. The Daily Wire shared a few possible reasons for their growing unpopularity above and beyond just Hillary’s devastating and embarrassing electoral loss to President Donald Trump in 2016.

One particularly recent reason is the allegedly close ties between the former president and Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender who was recently arrested and charged with sex trafficking of minors.

Prior to that, the Clintons were shamed by their close ties to now-disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, whose predatory sexual behavior against rising young stars was fully exposed in recent years and paved the way for a sea change in public opinion about sexual abuse and harassment.

Less scandalous, but no less a display of how unpopular the once-famed duo are, is the dismal response the Clintons received on their recent nationwide promotional book and speaking tour.

That tour began with incredibly high ticket prices for people to listen to the Clintons talk, but ticket sales quickly faltered and the tour was cut slightly short as venues were incapable of being even half-filled — even as tickets were nearly being given away towards the end to anybody who would take them.

The Clintons were once incredibly popular among Democrats and the predominately liberal establishment media that went above and beyond to protect them from scandal, but that popularity has been greatly diminished. The media no longer go out of their way to protect them as a majority of Democrats — and virtually the entirety of everyone else — would prefer they simply be quiet and fade away into history.

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