Bill Clinton suggests Kavanaugh smears were payback for Vince Foster investigation

Then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh survived an extraordinarily contentious confirmation process last fall in the face of unsubstantiated accusations of sexual assault and misconduct. But former President Bill Clinton seems to think Kavanaugh deserved it all.

While appearing in Las Vegas for “An Evening With the Clintons” on Sunday, Bill Clinton said of Kavanaugh, “He didn’t have any problem making us put up with three years of Vince Foster nonsense that was a total charade.”

Revenge Motive

For those of you not familiar, Vince Foster was a friend and aide to the Clintons who was found dead with a gun in his hand in 1993. At the time, there were more than a few people who thought Foster may have been murdered, and some accused the Clintons of being involved.

Brett Kavanaugh served as an attorney on one of the investigative teams tasked with finding out what happened.

Though several investigations had already concluded that Foster had killed himself, Kavanaugh requested a further investigation into Foster’s cause of death.

“We are currently investigating Vincent Foster’s death to determine, among other things, whether he was murdered in violation of federal criminal law,” Kavanaugh wrote in 1995 to independent counsel Ken Starr, who was tasked with the Whitewater investigation. “It necessarily follows that we must have the authority to fully investigate Foster’s death.”

Several years later, in 1997, Kavanaugh eventually came to the conclusion that Foster’s death was not a homicide.

Let’s Play Conspiracy Theory

Bill Clinton sure did sound like someone with an axe to grind against Kavanaugh, and he is not exactly shy about defending his turf.

Look back to his bold move of meeting then-Attorney General Loretta  Lynch on the tarmac during the investigations into his wife’s emails. Now, we all know Clinton and Lynch were not talking about the grandkids, as they claimed. He clearly gave an order to Lynch and by all signs, she followed it.

So, is it out of the realm of possibility that Clinton saw Kavanaugh get nominated, then made a few phone calls to make Kavanaugh’s path to the Supreme Court a little more difficult?

Several amateur sleuths linked the Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey-Ford back to the Clintons. The most notable tie-in was Ricki Seidman, a former Clinton advisor who was also advising Blasey-Ford during her “ordeal.”

Coincidence? Or was this another phone call made by Bill to get some revenge on an old foe?

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