Bill Clinton still refusing to take paternity test for alleged son, report says

Most children celebrated Fathers Day with their father on Sunday — but one high-profile kid was unfortunately left out.

Danney Williams, who claims Bill Clinton is his father, still awaits the former president agreeing to a paternity test to once and for all prove whether Clinton is his father or not.

The Claim

During Bill Clinton’s run at the White House, one of the many rumors that came to light was the possibility of Clinton having an illegitimate son.

Bobbie Ann Williams was a prostitute in Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas in 1984.

According to Williams, Clinton first saw her when he was out jogging.

The two chatted it up and soon after, Clinton paid Williams to have sex with him.

As Williams tells it, this was the first of many times the two were together sexually.

Williams later became pregnant, but when she approached Clinton about the pregnancy, he laughed it off.

When Danney was born, Williams once again suspected Bill Clinton was the father, due to his light complexion. She even stated that Clinton was the only “white” client she had at the time.

The Denial

Bill Clinton has adamantly denied Danney is his son, but the former president has also refused to take a paternity test to validate that claim.

The story itself died down for a while after Clinton left office, but came back to light in 2016 during the presidential campaigns.

Danney Williams even started a new Facebook page under the name Danney Williams-Clinton.

He has also regularly called on Clinton to once and for all take a test that would prove either way whether the former president is his father.

On Sunday, Williams once again asked Bill Clinton to take a test to prove the case one way or another.

The fact that Clinton refuses to take the test just to end this is more than a little interesting.

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At the very least, it brings into question if Bill was frequenting prostitutes during his time in office.

Take the test Bill. What are you so afraid of?

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