Bill Clinton admits he meddled in Israeli elections

Democrats have been up in arms since election day, claiming the Russians influenced the election.

Clinton, however, made them all look like hypocrites by outright admitting he meddled in the 1996 Israel election “in a way that didn’t overtly involve me.”

Why Clinton Got Involved

You see, old Bill really didn’t like Benjamin Netanyahu because they apparently did not see eye to eye.

In 1996, Clinton wanted Peres to win the Prime Minister election.

Bill Clinton thought Peres “was more supportive of the peace process.”

That election actually very much mimicked the 2016 presidential election.

Peres held convincing leads in the polls but come election day, it was Netanyahu that came away victorious.

From Day One

If anyone ever wanted to know why relationships with Israel have seemed strained with Netanyahu in charge, look no further than Bill Clinton.

From the elections to Netanyahu taking over, Clinton was never one to hide how he felt about him, and it was not exactly good.

After taking office, Netanyahu made sure Clinton was aware that he was not the PM’s favorite person either.

Clinton described one of their first interactions…

“I realized that he was now the leader of the country and if I wanted to support the peace, I had to find a way to work with him. I wasn’t so much angry as I was bemused by the brashness with which he played his hand. But that’s who he is. He did a very good job of it.”

Remind you of another political candidate that was not supposed to win, but did?!

Obama Did It Too!

Meddling in foreign elections is apparently a hobby of Democrats.

Obama has been suspected of sticking his head into at least a half dozen foreign elections.

Here are just a few tidbits from some of the more notable ones…

In 2015, the Obama administration funneled cash to groups opposing Benjamin Netanyahu through State Department Grants.

Obama’s administration is suspected of sending millions of dollars, in collusion with George Soros, to unseat the more conservative (and democratically elected) leadership in Macedonia.

In 2011, the Obama administration used both funding and our military to have Muammar Gaddafi removed from power.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was removed from office largely due to the Obama administration backing of a radical Muslim, Mohammed Morsi.

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Mubarak was ousted from office in February 2011 and replaced by Mohamed Hussein Tantawi until Morsi’s inauguration in June 2012.

So, if Mueller is investigating Russian collusion with the Trump administration, why hasn’t our Justice Department or Congress called for an investigation into the illegal activities of both Clinton and Obama for meddling in foreign elections?

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