Viral photo appears to show Bill Clinton gazing at two women

Bill Clinton has once again reminded America how lucky we are Hillary did not win the presidency.

On Friday, a tweet went viral showing Bill Clinton, with his pants fly wide open, gawking at two women on the street.

Bill Has a Problem

All throughout his career, Bill Clinton has been plagued with rumors of sexual misconduct.

While it was far from the only reason Hillary did not win, there is little doubt people did not vote for Hillary simply because they did not trust Billy Boy around all those White House interns.

Just in case you have been sleeping under a log the last three decades, here are a few of Bill Clinton’s highlights…

Sexual Misconduct

Juanita Broaddrick is quite possibly the most famous rape accusation ever made that never made it inside a courtroom.

Ms. Broaddrick stated that in 1978, Bill Clinton raped her in her hotel room.

Originally, the meeting between the two was to take place in the lobby of Broaddrick’s hotel, but Bill requested they do the meeting in her room to avoid the press.

After getting her alone, Broadrrick said Clinton raped her and injured her lip by biting it during the assault.

Broaddrick kept quiet about the rape until coming forward in 1999 on national TV.

Paula Jones’ incident happened in 1991.

According to Jones, Bill Clinton exposed himself inside his Little Rock hotel room to her.

She kept quiet about the incident until 1994, when she told a reporter for the American Spectator about it.

In 1998, Kathleen Willey alleged Clinton groped her in 1993 without her consent.

Her recollection of the event was countered by Linda Tripp, who said the groping was consensual.

More improprieties

Bill Clinton has had several other scandals during his time as a public figure.

While serving as president, Clinton had the now infamous under-the-desk-encounter with Monica Lewinsky.

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Clinton has also admitted to an extra-marital affair with Gennifer Flowers.

Taking all of that into account, is it really any surprise Bill was roaming the streets with his fly down checking out women one-third his age?

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