Report: Bill Barr’s DOJ declines to prosecute James Comey over leaks, lies

The Justice Department’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, has been investigating former FBI Director James Comey for months — and while the IG hasn’t yet announced the results of his probe into what The Hill’s John Solomon calls a “fraudulent or misleading” FISA warrant application that Comey signed, Solomon reports that Horowitz did refer Comey for prosecution for leaking classified materials to the media and lying to investigators about it.

But according to Solomon, Attorney General William Barr’s Department of Justice (DOJ) declined¬†to prosecute Comey on those charges — ostensibly because there are bigger fish to fry when it comes to Comey’s wrongdoings.

Making the case

In his report, Solomon cited multiple unnamed sources who contended that while the DOJ found the IG’s referral to be “compelling,” the department decided not to bring charges because they couldn’t guarantee a conviction.

One source told Solomon that the DOJ didn’t want to “make its first case against the Russia investigators with such thin margins and look petty and vindictive.”

As disconcerting to some as that news may be, however, Solomon went on to report that Comey and his cabal that ran the FBI under the Obama administration aren’t out of the woods just yet. They still face potential legal jeopardy in the ongoing investigation into alleged abuses of the FISA court.

Another source told Solomon: “There are significant issues emerging with how the FISA was handled and other conduct in the investigation, and everyone involved remains under scrutiny.”

Comey’s day of reckoning

John Solomon appeared on Fox News with host Sean Hannity on Wednesday to discuss his recent report about the “reckoning” that Comey will face once the IG’s work is complete.

The investigative reporter confirmed to Hannity that the DOJ will not prosecute Comey on the “narrow charge” of leaking the memos and lying about it, but added: “I can also report that there’s going to be a very damning report that will shame James Comey.”

“This is a man that often preaches morality and how he follows the rules,” Solomon continued. “This report will not show James Comey as a rules follower — he will be a rules breaker for the second time in a year.”

But more important, Solomon said, “is the ongoing investigation by Bill Barr and what we know about the FISA. There’s a quote in my story that they are learning some very troubling information about the FISA process and everyone involved — including James Comey — remains under significant scrutiny.”

Indeed, there’s more trouble coming for Comey — he’s not off the hook just yet.

“This is a first pass,” Solomon told Hannity. “Comey gets a break on this one. The report will be damning, but stay tuned for what we see this fall.”

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