Bill Barr praises John Durham for progress on investigation into Trump-Russia collusion hoax

Special Counsel John Durham, who’s investigating the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, has already earned high praise from former Attorney General Bill Barr.

According to Fox News, Barr recently commended Durhams for his work on the case, saying Durham has “developed good information” on whether or not former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign was engaged in illegal activity at the time she ran against Trump.

Barr appointed Durham as a special counsel in the investigation shortly before he left office in order to ensure that the incoming Biden administration would not impede Durham.

So far, the investigation has netted a handful of indictments, but easily the most interesting being that of lawyer Michael Sussman, who seems to be digging himself into a deeper legal hole by the day.

“Dug very deep”

In an interview with Fox News on Friday, Barr seems confident that Durham is hot on the trail of any possible wrongdoing by the 2016 Clinton campaign.

“I think the question all along … has been that this was a campaign-dirty-trick to get the government to investigate allegations — scurrilous allegations — about Donald Trump and then leak that right before the election,” Barr said.

He added: “And so that raises two questions: Was the Clinton campaign developing this false information and feeding it in for that purpose? And what was the FBI’s role on this?”

“It tells me that he [has] dug very deep and he has developed some good information and he thinks he can make a criminal case here,” Barr continued, after pointing out that Sussman is likely the keycode to the proverbial safe in this particular investigation.

“And there’s never been a doubt in my mind that if there’s a crime to be proven in and brought by the prosecutor, Durham will do it.”

Durham’s latest

According to the New York Post, Durham generated headlines last week after he accused the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Fusion GPS, Clinton’s 2016 campaign, and several other familiar, high-profile entities of withholding critical documents.

Durham, not one to take no for an answer, has already requested that a federal judge order the immediate release of said documents.

Only time will tell if Durham prevails in that request, but given his steady stream of victories so far, one would presume that there are a lot of nervous folks in the Clinton camp right now.

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