Bill Barr planning to stay on as long as Trump ‘needs him’: report

Attorney General Bill Barr plans to remain in his role until President Trump no longer “needs him,” according to a “senior Justice Department official” who spoke to Fox News.

This report contradicts the rampant rumors that Barr intends to step down before the end of the year.

The rumors of an early exit intensified last week after Barr told the AP that he had not seen evidence to support President Trump’s claim of widespread fraud in the presidential election. According to some reports, Trump was considering firing Barr after those comments.

Future uncertain

However, for the time being it looks like Attorney General Barr will remain at his position until President Trump leaves the White House in January, assuming Trump’s challenges to the election results fail.

Should President Trump pull out something huge and win the legal battle over the election, it seems doubtful that Trump would keep Barr in his position for much longer.

President Trump has previously expressed frustration with Barr during his time as Attorney General. Before the election, it was thought likely that Barr might be replaced in President Trump’s second term.

If there is a second term for President Trump, that plan likely hasn’t changed. Trump has already been hard at work cleaning out the Defense Department and installing loyalists.

Barr fell out of President Trump’s good graces over the slow pace of U.S. attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the FBI’s Russia probe that led to the Russian collusion hoax and the Mueller investigation. Durham did not release his report prior to the election as the president had hoped.

And despite all the evidence that emerged that the FBI had been politically motivated in its investigation of President Trump’s campaign, the Durham investigation has only led to one arrest: an FBI lawyer who pleaded guilty to lying.

Unproductive legacy

The Durham investigation was supposed to lead to consequences for those who had weaponized the FBI against a political opponent but instead has gotten the American people very little so far.

Should President Trump leave office in January, many important objectives will remain undone. One of those objectives was to hit back at the deep state and Barr was the weapon Trump chose to carry out that task.

Looking back on Trump’s presidency, Barr may be the greatest waste of potential in an administration that couldn’t afford it.

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