AG Bill Barr overhauls leadership of prison where Jeffrey Epstein died

The alleged suicide of Jeffrey Epstein left many questions due to the multitude of mysterious circumstances surrounding the event.

Now, punishment initiated by Attorney General Bill Barr has been handed down to some of the staff who worked at the prison. The guards responsible for Epstein at the time of his death may face especially stiff repercussions.

What really happened?

According to the DOJ, Bill Barr is reassigning the warden of the Metropolitan Correctional Center to an office job. This doesn’t clear the warden of any wrongdoing, as the investigation is ongoing.

Further action was taken with the two guards responsible for Epstein, who were placed on administrative leave.

Bill Barr said he was “appalled” that Epstein was able to commit suicide before standing trial. Barr has vowed the DOJ will pursue the case against anyone who worked with or for Epstein.

So with some immediate punishments handed out, we still need to know what really happened.

Mysterious circumstances

It is unknown how many people Epstein could have testified against. There was a significant motive to keep Epstein from ever testifying in court.

Many details have come out that indicate possible foul play. Epstein was reportedly taken off of suicide watch right before his death, despite many saying that shouldn’t have ever happened.

The guards on duty at the time did not check Epstein for three hours and falsified records. How hard would it be for someone to pay the guards to not check for three hours then falsify records? It wouldn’t be hard at all.

How else can this situation be explained? The motive is there, and the details sound like something out of a Hollywood thriller.

What is important is if this was truly a suicide we need to see proof. We need to know for sure there was no foul play. If something nefarious did happen, we need to know who was responsible and bring them to justice.

For too long the ultra-rich and powerful have been above the law. This needs to end. Hopefully, Epstein’s “suicide” will be the catalyst.

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