AG Bill Barr faces criticism from Democrats over judge’s arrest for obstruction

Liberals are apparently looking to charge Attorney General William “Bill” Barr — and, by extension, President Donald Trump — with obstruction of justice in relation to the special counsel’s probe.

And they are using the arrest of Judge Shelley Richmond Joseph to make their case.

Breaking the Law

If you break the law, especially as a judicial official, you should be held accountable.

Judge Joseph and one of her court officers did just that, and now they are about to pay the price.

As you may recall, Joseph helped an illegal immigrant escape an ICE agent last year.

Court recordings caught Joseph and the defense attorney working out a scheme when the judge ordered her clerk to cut off the recorder.

Not long after, one of Joseph court officers escorted the illegal immigrant out of the courthouse to freedom.

All the while, an ICE officer had been waiting in the lobby to take custody of the illegal immigrant.

Joseph was later questioned about the incident and lied about what happened to her superiors.

This is a clear-cut case of obstruction in aiding an illegal immigrant to avoid capture — which is what she is being charged with.

The Liberal Outrage

Judge Joseph took it upon herself to knowingly break the law simply because she is a bleeding-heart liberal. Regardless, her reasons don’t matter — she broke law.

Now that she is actually being held accountable for it by Barr, liberals are going nuts on the AG.

Slate recently published a headline: “A New Obstruction Case Against a Judge Proves William Barr’s DOJ Is Now Just an Arm of President Donald Trump.”

The article goes on and on, whining about the Mueller report and how Barr characterized obstruction in that case compared to this judge’s case before calling for Barr and Trump to face legal consequences.

But while Trump may have discussed his options, he never actually took any action that could have been construed as obstruction, at the advice of his counsel.

Moreover, the firings that did occur under Trump, which Dems have capitalized on as proof of obstruction, have already been justified by the Justice Department’s Inspector General.

Here, Judge Joseph clearly conspired to obstruct ICE from carrying out its duties, and she actually managed to pull off her plan.

All Barr is doing, in both cases, is upholding the law — something that judge should have been doing when that illegal immigrant came into her courtroom.

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