Bill Barr moves to make major immigration court changes

Attorney General Bill Barr has been a working fiend since taking over as attorney general. He has been making constant changes, and he’s just the man Trump needs to drain the infamous D.C. swamp.

And a big part of that job is wiping away bureaucracy. As part of that effort, Bill Barr shocked liberals this week by announcing some huge changes to the nation’s immigration courts. 

Changes to Immigration Courts

A huge problem for our immigration system has been inflexibility.

Asylum claims have skyrocketed as illegal immigrants make bogus claims. These bogus claims are rejected in the end. However, they allow for immigrants to be released into the states to disappear in the meantime.

It is despicable for people to abuse an asylum system. Now, measures are being taken to tighten the system.

Meanwhile, the backlog on asylum claims has gone up to almost 1 million cases. This has led to another critical change.

Part of the effort to tackle the backlog is the promotion of six new judges.

Barr also gave himself the power to rule in a case that is taking too long to resolve. Speed is the most important thing when it comes to these immigration cases.

Making the system work

Our immigration system is completely broken. The asylum claims are overwhelming and letting thousands of immigrants enter the U.S. purely for economic reasons.

Asylum is meant for those genuinely fleeing real danger, not those trying to take advantage of the prosperity found in the United States.

Bill Barr is doing the work that needs to be done.

He is draining the swamp and breaking apart the gridlock that renders our systems useless. People who need real protection will get it faster. Those who are just trying to freeload will have to come in just like everyone else.

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