Bill And Hillary Are All Smiles After Epstein’s Death

The Clintons couldn’t be happier after Jeffrey Epstein’s death…

Just hours after Bill Clinton’s pedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein was found DEAD in his jail cell, Bill and Hillary were seen with big grins on their faces in Arlington Heights, Illinois on Saturday.

You can view a photo taken of them here.

The photo is going viral with a lot of people saying that it’s proof of how tone deaf they are. Either Bill and Hillary don’t care that Epstein is dead or they think it’s funny.

According to the Arlington Cardinal:

“Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton exited the doorway to the Metropolis Ballroom about 1:50 p.m. The Clintons waved to a crowd that gathered with curiosity over the numerous police, US Secret Service and black SUVs that were gathered along Vail Avenue, which was shut down just south of Campbell Street. People standing in front of Nonny’s on the sidewalk caught a close-up view and captured cell phone photos during their exit. The Clinton’s, especially Bill, greeted a few people before entering their motorcade vehicle.”

Regardless of their reasoning for being so happy, the Clintons do have a few reasons to be smiling…

Epstein’s death was pretty convenient for them politically. Epstein died right before testifying about Bill Clinton’s association with Epstein’s sex slaves and illegal trafficking of teen girls.

Since Epstein is dead, it probably means that the Clintons are off the hook if any crimes were committed.

That’s why shortly after Epstein’s death was made public, #ClintonBodyCount began to trend on Twitter. Many people on the internet are accusing the Clintons of being behind Epstein’s alleged ‘suicide.’

But as always, the Clinton family will remain out of trouble. Law officials haven’t found any definite proof of wrongdoing by them regarding the Epstein scandal. And considering how incompetent these Epstein investigators are, they probably aren’t going to find anything incriminating on the Clintons any time soon.

For now, we’re just going to wait. In the meantime though, the Clintons remain in the clear.

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