‘We’re in the biggest crisis we’ve ever seen’ on border security: Former NBPC head

Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), recently argued that America, under President Joe Biden’s leadership, is currently experiencing the “biggest crisis we have ever seen” with regard to illegal immigration at the southern U.S. border, Fox News reports. 

Judd’s comments came during an interview with Fox News Live on Sunday.

“Now we’re in the biggest crisis we’ve ever seen as far as border security goes,” Judd said, according to Fox.

The unequivocal cause

During the interview, Judd pinned the blame for the immigration crisis at the border squarely on Biden and his administration.

Judd particularly called attention to the fact that the Biden administration “did away with everything that President Trump did that was in fact beneficial to border security.” This, of course, includes everything from ending the construction of the border wall to ending the controversial “Remain in Mexico” policy.

“Any time we release people into the United States pending a hearing that they’re [illegal immigrants] not going to show up to, we’re going to have tons of people cross our borders illegally,” Judd explained. “It’s that magnet that draws people here and as long as that magnet exists, people are going to continue to come.”

On the other hand, Judd said that “If we hold people in custody, pending a deportation or asylum hearing,” like Trump did, “people stop coming.”

He bottom-lined the situation by insisting that the immigration crisis is “simply caused by Biden policies.”

The lack of honesty

The NBPC president also slammed the Biden administration for not being honest about exactly what is happening on a daily basis at the southern U.S. border.

Judd brought up the recent reports that the Biden administration was considering giving upwards of $450,000 per person to the illegal immigrant families that were separated as a result of Trump’s policies. Biden initially denied that idea before indicating later that he is, in fact, on board with the idea. But, over the weekend, a Biden administration official refused to say whether or not this will actually take place.

Judd also pointed to the fact that the Biden administration has not been forthcoming about how many illegal immigrants that have been released into the United States, or about how many illegal immigrants are actually crossing the border illegally.

“They’re not forthcoming with the American public and the American public has a right to know exactly what is happening,” Judd said. “And, until this administration is in fact forthcoming with all these things, we have reason to be skeptical on anything that they tell us as it pertains to border security.”

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