Big List of 10 ways FBI, White House pushed Big Tech to censor Americans

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A popular news site, Just the News, has assembled a Big List of the “ten major revelations” in how the FBI, and the White House, demanded that Big Tech censor Americans commenting on everything from the election to health-care issues.

“The goal, it appears, was to preserve the ruling elite’s favored narratives on everything from the pandemic to election integrity,” the report explained.

The report explains the FBI, that agency that worked hand-in-glove with Hillary Clinton’s operatives and other Democrats to fabricate the now-debunked Russia collusion conspiracy theory to use against President Trump, was integral to several of the censorship operations.

For example, it set up a “command center” in San Francisco in 2020 to forward censorship requests from FBI operatives to Big Tech companies. And it “succeeded” frequently it getting those thoughts, including content posted by ordinary Americans, shut down.

The report explained it was FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan who confirmed in a free speech lawsuit brought by Louisiana and Missouri the bureau created “an elaborate system that involved field agents, prosecutors, and the bureau’s headquarters to monitor and flag content.”

It’s now known that the FBI interfered with the 2020 election by telling Big Tech to suppress the New York Post’s accurate, but very damaging, reporting on the Biden family’s business dealings with America’s enemies, including China and Russia.

Surveys show that interference could have changed enough votes so that Joe Biden won the election.

The report noted, “Two hundred and thirty-one years ago this month, America’s founders enshrined free speech as the first protection in the ratified Bill of Rights with a declaration that the government could not infringe expression.”

But said those protections are now threatened because of government actions.

“From Elon Musk’s ‘Twitter files’ to an FBI agent’s candid testimony, Americans have gotten a glimpse into a once-hidden enterprise where federal agencies pressured social media platforms – directly and through proxies – to censor content under their terms of service,” the report said.

The evidence now has “undercut” FBI claims it only targeted foreign “disinformation,” the report said.

“We’ve entered into this period of American history where the range of permissible thought and speech has so narrowed that if you depart from it at all you are, you’re labeled, you are censored, and you are silenced,” explained a former Democrat Sen. Robert Torricelli said in the report.

“It’s incredibly dangerous.”

And he noted the institutions that should safeguard the nation, universities, think tanks, and media, are the “worst offenders.”

The FBI has labeled its critics “conspiracy theorists” even though there’s an absence of evidence about any “conspiracy.”

Experts have called for full investigations of the developments.

Other issues on the list assembled by Just the News included those federal agencies partnered with contractors to make certain some content was censored, likely to avoid claims that it was the government censoring speech, which is forbidden by the Constitution.

But Homeland Security officials did attend weekly meetings with Big Tech executives, and government officials “knew Twitter had second thoughts about censoring the Hunter Biden laptop” scandal, Just the News said.

Further, there were plans for a DHS “governance board” to openly censor speech, a plan that was “downplayed” by government officials when the scheme was revealed.

Additionally, the FBI paid Twitter $3.4 million for its responses to requests for “disinformation” suppression, and there was a coordinated campaign from the government to discredit the accurate reporting about Hunter Biden’s foreign business scandals.

Then there was the government’s attack on Americans’ opinions and debate over the COVID-19 epidemic, the questionable and experimental shots, and more.

Censored were “factually accurate posts” simply because they disagreed with the “government’s preferred narrative,” the report said.

At this point, the report said, Congress is investigating “how far-reaching federally sanctioned censorship has become.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who will be chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in a week, said he’ll investigate the FBI and Department of Justice.

“We have to expose it so that it never happens again,” he said.

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