Big Help Arrives for Pro-Life Seniors 'Brutally Beaten Unconscious'

June 3, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A top-flight legal team from the American Center for Law and Justice has announced plans to represent two senior pro-lifers who were "brutally beaten unconscious" by a pro-abortion radical.

It happened while they were peacefully standing in front of a Planned Parenthood abortion business in Baltimore.

Their attacker fled and has yet to be identified or apprehended.

"Dick Schaefer is a long-time sidewalk counselor who regularly goes to Planned Parenthood in Baltimore to stand outside and speak peacefully with and hand out literature to passersby. On occasion, he also hands out small gifts for women visiting Planned Parenthood and encourages them to visit the Pregnancy Resource Center next door to Planned Parenthood to learn more about real choices," the legal team said.

On May 26, when the attack happened, Schaefer was on the sidewalk adjacent to the abortion business so he could speak with pedestrians and people in cars passing by.

Crosby was holding a sign nearby.

"Everything went as usual until about 10:15 a.m. when Mr. Schaefer was approached by a large man – about 6'2'' – who stopped to chat with him. The man spoke in a loud and animated manner but was not overly hostile. He objected to Mr. Schaefer and Mr. Crosby standing outside Planned Parenthood on the grounds that 'God gave everyone free choice' and 'God is all merciful. Everyone is forgiven, so what are you doing here?' The man indicated he saw no reason for people who oppose abortion to encourage women wanting to get an abortion to seek other alternatives," the ACLJ reported.

Schaefer spoke with him for a few minutes, then turned away to pick up some more pamphlets.

"At that moment, everything changed. Mr. Schaefer had only turned around for a moment when he felt like he was hit by a truck – in fact, he believed that he had been hit by a truck. The next thing he knew, he was lying on the ground with dirt all over him, everything was fuzzy, and there were two ambulances and some police cars present. He immediately looked around for Mr. Crosby, concerned that he, too, had been hit by the truck he believed had hit him, but Mr. Crosby was nowhere in sight. What Mr. Schaefer didn’t realize was that he had been attacked from behind and knocked unconscious by the man he had turned away from."

Crosby, standing nearby, saw the man hand "a can of soda to one of the Planned Parenthood escorts," saying, "Hold this for me," before he charged Schaefer and slammed him into a concrete planter.

When Crosby went to Schaefer's aid, the man turned on him, knocking him down and kicking him in the head.

Both men were left unconscious and with extensive injuries.

While police investigate, the ACLJ said, it is helping the men obtain justice.

"This vicious and horrific attack must not be allowed to go unpunished. Violence against pro-life advocates and entities has spiked since the Supreme Court rightly overturned Roe v. Wade, and it will only continue to do so unless action is taken to stop it," the legal team said.

According to an earlier report from the Daily Caller News Foundation, Jay Walton, the head of Baltimore County Right to Life, explained it was important that the victims were not robbed.

"This was a vicious attack on two men because they are pro-life. This should be treated as a hate crime and denounced by Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott (D), as well as Maryland Governor Wes Moore (D). Their silence on this attack will continue to put pro-lifers in danger throughout the state of Maryland."

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