Biden’s aimless post-speech wandering on stage could indicate mental health decline

Since before he was even elected in 2020, there has been much debate and discussion over the increasingly worrisome appearance of President Joe Biden’s decline in terms of cognitive capabilities and mental health.

One recurring example of the apparent decline is Biden’s seeming inability to properly exit the stage following the conclusion of a speech, as documented by the Daily Wire.

Indeed, on numerous occasions, Biden has appeared to wander aimlessly around the stage while looking as though he was lost and unsure of where he should go or what he should do after stepping away from the podium.

Where is he going?

The latest example occurred Wednesday after President Biden finished up his remarks at The Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment Conference.

He first wandered to his right and then stopped short as he appeared to be receiving instructions from somebody off-stage. He then turned to head back to his left once an event host took to the microphone to thank him for his speech, only to then shuffle back to the right once more.

Numerous other examples

That is far from the only such occurrence, though, and instead is part of a larger pattern of similar incidents that have increased in frequency since taking office.

Just one week earlier, following a speech at the Detroit Auto Show, Biden again started to wander toward the right of the podium before being corrected and then turning to his left to head toward a set of steps that led him off the stage.

Another example is an address he delivered at North Carolina A&T University, after which he appeared to extend his hand for a handshake even though nobody else was near him, and then seemed to wander back and forth before finally exiting the stage via a set of stairs to the left of the podium.

To be sure, the Daily Wire noted that Biden’s aimless shuffle after finishing remarks could simply be the result of incompetent staffers failing to give him clear instructions on what to do after he is done speaking, but it could also be a visible manifestation of his increasingly obvious mental health decline — though we still aren’t really supposed to talk about that, according to the hypocritically scolding mainstream media that questioned virtually every step and gesture made by former President Donald Trump.

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