Biden's 'voting rights access' executive order could be decided by SCOTUS soon

 April 7, 2024

President Joe Biden's voting rights executive order sparked massive controversy, and the fate of the order will soon be learned at the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court. 

According to Fox News, Biden and several government agencies were sued by a group of Pennsylvania lawmakers over Biden's Executive Order 14019 on "promoting access to voting," an order issued in March 2021.

They argued that the initiative solely benefitted the Democratic Party and Biden's re-election efforts.

Legal observers are calling the situation one of the most important legal issues heading into the upcoming election.

What's happening?

A group of 27 Freedom Caucus members originally brought the lawsuit against Biden and other federal agencies, arguing the constitutionality of the order given that it primarily benefitted the president's own political party.

They argued that Congress has never passed a law that would grant the presidency the power to enact such a powerful and influential executive order.

The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed last month by a judge, citing a "lack of standing" for the group of lawmakers to bring it forward.

"We think it's really important for President Biden to be held accountable," Erick Kaardal, attorney for the lawmakers, told Fox News Digital in a recently interview.

"For him to violate such a big law when all the little people have to follow the laws, even little laws … it’s clear President Biden has issued an executive order without congressional enactments to get himself re-elected. It’s ridiculous," Kaardal continued.

What's next?

Not surprisingly, some Democrats, like Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro, were thrilled that the court dismissed the lawsuit. Shapiro called it a "resounding defeat" for Republicans.

Fox News noted:

"In 2020, I defeated Donald Trump and his conspiracy theorist allies in court more than 40 times to defend Pennsylvanians' votes and protect access to the ballot box," Shapiro said, adding that "we've done it again by getting their frivolous effort to stop automatic voter registration in our commonwealth dismissed."

Kaardal said he hoped that the lawsuit will be decided by SCOTUS before it moves ahead in the lower courts, insisting that his clients have "the obvious winner" on the merits.

Only time will tell what happens, but you can bet that Biden's White House is sweating the possibility of having it shot down before the 2024 election for obvious reasons.



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