Joe Biden’s son makes first public appearance with his new wife

It didn’t take long for Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, to fall in love and get hitched, according to the Daily Mail. Three weeks after he broke up with his late brother’s wife, Hallie — and after just 10 days of knowing his new boo — the 49-year-old son of the former VP married Melissa Cohen, a 32-year-old from South Africa.

And now, the two have just made their first public appearance together, attending the Democratic debate in Detroit on Wednesday to support Hunter’s dad.

The Black Sheep

Beau Biden has long been celebrated as a fine man whose 2015 death came far too early. We can all empathize with Joe Biden over this loss; no parent should ever have to bury a child.

Joe’s other son, Hunter, however, is a different story.

Hunter’s tale is filled with corruption, drugs, alcohol, and a few family scandals. For instance, Hunter has been tied to some rather shady deals that netted him and his company millions of dollars.

Hunter was also in a relationship to his brother’s widow soon after Beau’s death, which raised more than a few eyebrows.

But even more eyebrows were raised when Hunter broke up with her earlier this year.

The New Bride

And things didn’t get better for the Biden family when the ex-VP’s son rushed to wed Cohen. Indeed, according to reports, Hunter and Melissa had only known each other for about 10 days before they tied the knot.

Hunter was so apparently anxious to marry the South African beauty that he more than doubled the fee of a local quick-fix wedding service to make sure the wedding happened that day.

Even though the two have been married since May, nary a shot of them together has surfaced since the wedding took place.

Of course, this is not exactly the kind of publicity Joe Biden needs heading into the presidential election, and there are more than a few people who believe Hunter may eventually lead to Joe Biden leaving the campaign trail.

We’ll try not to keep our hopes up.

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