President Biden’s sister Valerie may violate WH ethics policy forbidding profit off family name with memoir book

It has long been alleged that members of President Joe Biden’s family, particularly brothers Frank and James as well as son Hunter, have made use of the family name and Joe’s political clout to personally enrich themselves in a variety of ways.

Now the president’s younger sister, Valerie Biden Owens, can be added to the list as it appears she is cashing in on the Biden family name with a soon-to-be-released memoir, Fox News reported.

The impending release of the book, not to mention a related book tour and media blitz, likely raises ethical concerns and seems to be in violation of an alleged Biden administration policy concerning family members and their business dealings.

Profiting from book sales on Biden’s name

Fox News noted that in January 2021, immediately after President Biden first took office, White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced to reporters the ethics policy concerning members of Biden’s family.

Psaki said at that time, “It’s the White House’s policy that the President’s name should not be used in connection with any commercial activities to suggest or in any way — in any way they could reasonably be understood to imply his endorsement or support.”

In other words, neither Biden’s name and likeness, nor his implied endorsement or support, could be claimed or used by members of his family in a profitable commercial venture.

Yet, that appears to be exactly what the president’s sister is doing with her new book, “Growing Up Biden: A Memoir,” which features a picture of President Biden and his siblings as children and includes countless references to him and his political career.

Furthermore, the president’s name, likeness, and implied support will also undoubtedly be part of his sister’s scheduled promotional book tour and media appearances in the coming weeks and months.

The policy apparently applied to VP Harris’ niece

Interestingly enough, while it looks at this point like Valerie Biden Owens is getting a pass on the supposedly stringent White House ethics policy for family members, the same cannot be said for Meena Harris, niece of Vice President Kamala Harris, who found her own profitable ventures curtailed last year following the inauguration.

According to the Los Angeles Times in February 2021, Meena Harris owned and operated a company that promoted and sold apparel and a lifestyle brand that “capitalized on Kamala Harris’ name, likeness, life history, and political slogans to produce clothing, videos, bestselling children’s books, and designer headphones.”

Yet, due to an appearance of ethical concerns and conflicts of interest, the younger Harris was reportedly instructed by transition team members to cease and desist from such activities after the 2020 election. It remains unclear, though, if she abided by those instructions or if the White House could even do anything to her if she did violate the policy.

It will be interesting to see if and when press secretary Psaki is asked about Owens’ book and tour concerning the purported family ethics policy — mostly just to see how absurd and twisted the logic will be that Psaki will most likely employ to try and claim that, somehow, what the president’s sister is doing is not in violation of the policy.

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