Biden’s Sex-Harassment Accuser on the ‘Angry, Power-Driven Misogynist’

A former Washington prosecutor now serving on the editorial board for The Washington Times has suggested that perhaps Joe Biden really isn’t the down-to-earth, Scranton, good-ole-boy he acts.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro wrote an opinion piece that was headlined “A conversation with Biden’s alleged victim, Tara Reade.”

“Did a Biden Senate staffer see the president’s dark side decades before we did?” Shapiro asks. “When Tara Reade’s allegations about Joe Biden sexually assaulting her first surfaced during the last presidential election, her description of an angry, power-driven misogynist didn’t seem to fit the picture of the dull, gaffing politician most of us were familiar with.”

However, he continued, “Twenty-one months into his presidency, and in the wake of a national address that characterized President Donald Trump and his supporters as a ‘threat to the country,’ a much darker and divisive Joe Biden has emerged—a figure obsessed with his predecessor, determined to project power, intimidation and, absolute authority.

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That Joe Biden, Shapiro wrote, “is the Joe Biden Ms. Reade has known since she says he pinned her against a cold Senate wall in the spring of 1993, kissed her neck and hair while sliding his hand up her blouse, and used his knee to part her legs to reach up her skirt.”

There have been outbreaks of that Joe Biden previously. While campaigning, he abruptly turned on a rally attendee charging, insultingly, that he was a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

He also got testy with a reporter who asked about his voting rights record.

Fox News at one point compiled a “long list” of times Biden “has snapped at journalists who asked him pointed questions.”

At Kaitlin Collins of CNN, asking about Vladimir Putin, he charged, “What in the hell, what do you do all the time?”

At a CBS reporter who asked about Hunter Biden’s laptop, he said, “I have no response, it’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.”

“In a memorable exchange with radio host Charlamagne tha God … a displeased Biden said if African-American voters like him couldn’t figure out he was a better option than Trump, then ‘you ain’t black.’ The host said his direct questioning on race was about what would best serve the black community, not just about Trump,” Fox reported.

Biden also has had multiple “testy” exchanges with Fox’s Peter Doocy, including where Biden sarcastically called him a “classy” reporter.

Shapiro wrote that Reade told him, “Imagine one of the most powerful people on the planet saying you’re nothing, someone who I thought would be a mentor, someone I respected and believed in. It affected my self-esteem, it haunted me.”

And it affected her in other ways.

Soon after she filed a written complaint against Biden, she was fired.

And, Shapiro noted, Reade charged that Biden’s ego is a critical vulnerability and the “key driving force behind his continued attacks on Trump.”

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