Biden’s SCOTUS nominee already drawing sharp criticism for pushing progressive ‘woke’ agenda

In the middle of the largest invasion of a European nation since World War II, President Joe Biden used the moment to announce his nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

According to Fox News, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is already drawing sharp criticism over her past work regarding America’s new “woke” agenda. The heaviest opposition, so far, has come from the leader of a Latino conservative group. 

Alfonso Aguilar, president of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, held nothing back as he explained to Fox News that Judge Jackson’s ascension to the high court means trouble for America down the road.

He’s likely the first of many to question Jackson’s past as her Senate confirmation hearing draws near.

“Radical leftist views”

While her credentials, on paper, are enough to qualify her for the position, Aguilar noted that her past work in pushing a “woke” agenda should trigger red flags for Republican senators who might be on the fence during her confirmation.

“While no one doubts her intelligence and knowledge of the law, she has shown that she’s willing to put her radical leftists views before the letter of the law and the constitution,” Aguilar said.

He added: To preserve the proper balance among our constitutional branches of government, we cannot have another activist ideologue in the highest court of the land trying to push a particular political point of view.”

The conservative Latino leader went on to point out that Hispanics are largely sick and tired of the Democrats’ push to the far left, and adding someone like Jackson to such a powerful position will not help matters.

“Hispanic citizens who are turned off by the Democrats’ turn to the extreme left will take note that the president has decided to nominate someone who, in her career as an attorney and then as a federal judge, has aggressively worked to promote a woke agenda,” Aguilar continued.

Who is she?

Unfortunately for Jackon, her qualifications and merit don’t seem to matter, as Biden himself pledged on multiple occasions to only select a Black female nominee for the high court vacancy.

Throughout her career, Jackson worked her way up to the prestigious D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, which is known to be the final rung on the ladder before having a chance at a SCOTUS appointment. Her credentials include a Harvard law degree, as well as a clerkship for Justice Breyer.

Given what Democrats did to former President Donald Trump’s SCOTUS nominees, don’t be surprised to see Republicans exact some level of revenge during Jackson’s upcoming confirmation hearings, especially as more of her background in progressive politics comes to light.

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