Biden's pick for top economic post insisted gas prices 'too damn low!'

May 9, 2023
World Net Daily

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Joe Biden's attack on the fossil fuel industry, starting the day he took offices, has gutted plans for drilling, pipelines, exploration and more.

The result was predictable: Fuel prices have soared to as high as $6 a gallon in some cities.

Biden, meanwhile, has blamed Vladimir Putin and MAGA Republicans both for the price surge, even while oddly claiming that he had brought prices down.

In fact, when Biden was elected the price was about $2.12 a gallon, and since then the prices have hovered near $4 a gallon most of the time.

So just is Biden's response now? To nominate for a key economic leadership post a man who has a history of complaining that gasoline prices are too low.

The Washington Free Beacon said that Biden has nominated Jared Bernstein to run the Council of Economic Advisers.

"High gas prices have been a nightmare for President Joe Biden. But they are a dream come true for a progressive economist whom the president tapped for a top White House post," the report explained.

Bernstein, in fact, lamented in 2015 that gas prices were "too damn low."

That was when gasoline was $2.09 a gallon, and he claimed that had "scary" consequences for the environment because it didn't deter consumers from buying fuel at those costs.

He admitted at the time that low prices helped working families, but he said the nation should boost its gas tax despite the injury it would cause.

Bernstein's leadership nomination comes at a time when only 36% of Americans give Biden a positive rating on his economic work.

"A major contributor is a dramatic increase in the price of gas," the report said.

If he's approved by the Senate, he would direct a panel advising Biden on "economic policies that advance the interests of the American people."

He's already on the panel, but would be given the role of directing its work.

He's already been "credited" with the White House messaging that inflation, which under Biden's leadership surged as high as 9.1%, was "transitory," a prediction which has failed to come true yet.

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