Bidens now have FIVE NEW scandals to address

 June 3, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Few in America aren't familiar with the Biden clan scandals: the allegations family members were taking bribes from foreign entities for access to Joe Biden, the Hunter Biden gun and tax charges, the money that came from foreign groups to many of Joe Biden's family members, and of course, the sex and drug binges that are documented for Hunter in the laptop computer he abandoned at a repair shop.

Those are in addition to the obvious evidence of Joe Biden's diminishing capabilities, as noted in a report compiled by a federal special counsel investigating Biden's decision to take secret government documents to which he was not entitled and hide them in his own private office and garage.

Don't forget the family pets that have been chomping on White House staff members.

But now there are more … scandals. At least five according to an assessment done by the Media Research Center.

The organization documented on Monday that the networks, following their consistent pattern of refusing to report on other conflicts facing the Bidens, likely won't be reporting on the newest.

The first is that the New York Post confirmed Hunter Biden "used his dad’s appearance at a Sandy Hook shooting memorial event to coordinate a previously unknown planned meeting between the former vice president and a Chinese business partner."

This would tie the Biden family even closer to Chinese interests, who may not be friendly to the U.S. Previously, Hunter, and through Hunter Joe, have been linked to Chinese investment cash, including once when Hunter threatened a Chinese company with the wrath of his father for not submitting a payment as he wanted.

The MRC report shows, "On Dec. 12, 2017, Hunter messaged CEFC executive Liu Yadong on WeChat to arrange a meeting with his powerful dad, documents released this week by the House Ways and Means Committee revealed."

"Can you meet this evening early," Hunter wrote in the messages obtained by IRS investigators. "My father will be in New York also and he wants me to attend the Sandyhook [sic] memorial service with him I would like him to meet you along with my uncle [Jim Biden] and then you and I can talk let me know if that works."

Liu agreed, asking "Where and when."

The report explained, "The newly revealed texts between Hunter Biden and Liu came after several months of back-and-forth over the Biden clan’s involvement in a deal with CEFC – which has ties to the Chinese government – in exchange for a cool $10 million per year."

Second, the report said, was documentation released by the House Ways and Means Committee that "shows Hunter Biden lied under oath to Congress, during his Feb. 28 deposition."

MRC said, "The evidence, provided by IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, who probed the first son’s finances, reveals Hunter 'indisputably' lied at least three times during his sworn testimony, the panel’s majority said after voting in a closed-door executive session for its release."

This situation involved Hunter Biden's threat that he was "sitting" with his father and wanted payment.

"Hunter, 54, claimed he was 'high or drunk' when he sent a threatening text message to the wrong Chinese business associate — but phone records of the WhatsApp message show the associate, Raymond Zhao, responded and 'knew exactly' what the president’s son was talking about when he asked to speak with the chairman of CEFC China Energy, Ye Jianming."

The report also charges Hunter's wrong statements including his denial that he would help associates work on visas,

"Hunter Biden has shown once again he believes there are two systems of justice in this country — one for his family and one for everyone else," said House Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith in a statement.

Further was Hunter Biden's claims he didn't introduce his father to Burisma officials, "despite them all having dinner together," MRC said.

This is when, the report said, "Indicted first son Hunter Biden suggested in a new interview that he didn’t introduce his father to an executive from a Ukrainian gas company that was paying Hunter a million-dollar salary — despite testifying to Congress that then-Vice President Joe Biden dined with the very same Burisma Holdings executive."

Fourth was the time a fund manager said Jim Biden had a business relationship with Qatari officials, which the MRC reported: "would be the closest link between a Biden family member and a foreign government."

"New details about Jim Biden’s foreign fundraising efforts are spilling out in a Kentucky bankruptcy court, where recent testimony indicates that President Joe Biden’s brother partnered with Qatari government officials in his quest to find money for U.S. health care ventures. The sworn testimony by fund manager Michael Lewitt, a former business partner of Jim Biden’s, attests that two companies that facilitated the efforts were part-owned by 'members of the Qatari government.'"

One company apparently "partnered directly" with Jim Biden, and another provided "financial backing."

And finally, there's the report that the CIA blocked Hunter Biden's "Sugar Brother" lawyer friend from being interviewed by federal investigators.

That would be Kevin Morris, who apparently was protected during a five-year review of Hunter Biden's alleged tax crimes.

House officials say a whistleblower revealed the intel agency prevented the IRS and Justice Department investigators from interviewing Morris.

"It is unknown why or on what basis the CIA allegedly intervened to prevent investigators from interviewing Mr. Morris," members of Congress explained.

"However, these allegations track with other evidence showing how the DOJ deviated from its standard investigative practices during the investigation of Hunter Biden."

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