Biden's loan 'cancelation'? 'Of course he's buying votes'

 February 23, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden and his Democrat Party repeatedly have claimed that President Donald Trump and conservative Americans are a threat to democracy.

But there may not be much of that, democracy, left by the time Biden leaves office.

He's being accused – again – of breaking the law by his announcement this week that he is canceling more student debt.

This, on top of his family's apparently influence peddling operations, his advocacy for racism under various "equity" and "diversity" agendas, and more.

A report at the Washington Stand pointed out that the Supreme Court last year ruled unconstitutional Biden's promise to cancel $400 billion in student loans.

The court said the HEROS Act of 2003 didn't give the secretary of education the authority to do what Biden demanded.

Biden has since announced a long list of smaller "loan cancellation" programs, the most recent just days ago.

When the Supreme Court ruled Biden threatened, "I will stop at nothing to find other ways" to force those loans onto taxpayers instead of borrowers.

And he's boasted of his open defiance of the court: "The Supreme Court blocked it. But that didn't stop me."

The report notes there is an obvious reason for Biden's decision to defy the law and the courts: He needs to buy the votes to win re-election, as his approval ratings have plunged to historic lows and 8 in 10 say he's too old for another term.

"President Biden knows how deeply unpopular he is with young voters and his base, and his student debt plan is a desperate attempt to win them back on the taxpayer’s dime," Sentinel Action Fund President Jessica Anderson explained. "Biden hopes that wiping away some student loan debt will make voters forget that he is responsible for record-high inflation, rising food prices, and our stagnant economy. Americans won’t be fooled by Biden’s latest campaign stunt."

The report noted members of Congress agree.

"He unilaterally is forgiving this debt, supposedly forgiving, which means he doesn’t care what the law says — Congress," Rep. Keith Self, R-Texas, told Tony Perkins on Washington Watch.

"He doesn’t care what the judiciary says — the Supreme Court. [A]nd yes, of course, he’s buying votes. But for the rest of the taxpayers, there is no forgiveness [for them]. Someone is going to pay these loans back, and now it’s going to be you, the taxpayer."

This week Biden said he was "forgiving," another term for transferring the debts to taxpayers, some $1.2 billion owed by 153,000 borrowers.

To date, that makes about $131 billion he's transferred from borrowers to taxpayers.

Legal analysts told The Stand his move is unconstitutional.

"Despite the Supreme Court clearly saying that under our constitution the president cannot rewrite our nation’s laws, President Biden continues to do just that," explained Karen Harned, of the Center for Constitutional Responsibility. "The president is once again breaking the law in a transparent attempt to garner votes."

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