Biden's FDA blasted for saying poor kids should be aborted

 March 31, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A key legal team that has fought for years for the pro-life movement, for religious and civil rights in America, is calling out Joe Biden's Food and Drug Administration for an egregious comment about poor children.

That they should be aborted.

It is Liberty Counsel, which recently submitted to the Supreme Court its arguments on the issue of abortion pills, and whether women need to have basic health guidelines to protect them, that said one of the problems is that business operators in pro-abortion states like New York and California are encouraging doctors to break the law and send those chemicals to patients in states where they are not permitted.

The issue is over whether the FDA should reverse its decision to allow those chemicals to be prescribed without a doctor's visit, and mailed out.

"Shockingly, in a declaration submitted to the court, the Biden FDA parroted Rockefeller, Sanger, and The Population Council’s racist claims by telling the High Court that children should be aborted because they are more likely to be unfit for school, for adulthood, and for society."

Liberty Counsel noted, "This claim is outrageous in the truest sense of the word. But equally outrageous" is that pro-abortion statements encouraging doctors to break the law.

For example, the report noted, "New York and California have recently passed 'shield laws' that promise to 'shield' abortion doctors from facing penalties for providing mail order abortions to women in states where the abortion is banned."

One operator engaged in "illicit" mail order abortion business operations admitted the chemicals are going to states where pharmacies can't provide them, because mail order abortions are banned.

The report from Liberty Counsel said Dr. Linda Prine is "one of the doctors using N.Y.’s 'shield law' to flagrantly violate other states’ laws that prohibit or restrict mail order abortion drugs. As the NY-based Coalition for Telemedicine's co-medical director, Prine says she is sending out up to 10,000 abortion pills a month to women she has never met in person, on whom she has never performed an examination, and who live in states where Prine’s practice is illegal."

The report noted, incidentally, that would mean revenue for Prine's clinic of $5 million monthly.

The chemical mifepristone actually carries an FDA warning for causing drug toxicity, ruptured ectopic tubes, hemorrhage and more, and from February 2019 to September 2020 it is blamed for some 3,197 deaths.

That was the evidence used by the FDA previously to insist that doctors examine patients in person before handing out such chemicals.

But under Biden, the bureaucracy flipped, and it now wants to allow the distribution of the drugs through the mail, Liberty Counsel said.

The fight pending before the high court is whether such restrictions should be restored.

The briefing to the justices noted the patent for the deadly drug is owned by The Population Council, a "racist and eugenic" organization set up in 1952 by John D. Rockefeller III and hopes to "reduce human population."

That group has suggested some people are "weeds" that need to be removed, and states, "unfit, poor, and unintelligent people were more fertile than fit people."

It's "research" at one point claimed minorities made "wrong choices with respect to family planning because they were incompetent, unmotivated, or influenced by their own or their family’s culture."

One of the group's ideas was at the time to infect urban water supplies so that young women would temporarily be sterilized.

Liberty Counsel said it offered the friend-of-the-court briefing on the abortion pills because its clients "are tired of watching helplessly as their populations are devastated by racist elitists who claim 'overpopulation' but who mainly seem fixated on reducing the populations of black and brown people."

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