Analysis of Biden's expansion of 'legal' immigration reveals up to 3 million new migrants per year

June 2, 2023
Ben Marquis

President Joe Biden has been accused by critics of, for all intents and purposes, opening up the southern border and rolling out the red carpet for any and all migrants to enter the country, ostensibly through new and expanded "legal" pathways and programs.

Just three of those new or expanded programs could result in nearly 1 million new arrivals to the U.S., and when those are combined with other existing migration programs plus the perpetual flow of illegal border crossings, Biden could essentially welcome into the U.S. around 3 million more migrants per year, according to Breitbart.

Expansion of CBP One mobile app

The first of the cited programs is the CBP One mobile app for alleged asylum-seekers that was recently "dramatically expanded" with regard to the number of applicants that would be admitted into the U.S. per month.

According to CBS News, the Biden administration now plans to process up to 1,250 CBP One appointments per day, or around 38,750 per month -- 465,000 per year -- which is up sharply from the 740 per day when the app was first launched in January ... and that number could be increased even more in the future.

"This is a continuation of the Biden administration's expansion of lawful pathways and opportunities to access them, including CBP One appointments," DHS spokesperson Erin Heeter said in a statement. "The process cuts out smugglers while also providing a safe, orderly, and humane process for noncitizens to access ports of entry instead of attempting to enter the United States unlawfully."

Special parole program and processing centers in foreign countries

CBS News further reported that in addition to the expansion of the CBP One app, the Biden administration has also increased the size of a special parole program that will allow in up to 30,000 migrants per month -- or 360,000 per year -- from the nations of Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

The outlet noted that there have already been more than 1.5 million applicants for that special program in just the past few months since it was launched.

In addition to that Politico reported in April that the Biden administration had begun to set up migrant processing centers in various countries in Central and South America where migrants can come to be "screened" and filtered into a variety of different "legal pathways" to enter the country, including refugee resettlement, family reunification, labor, and parole programs.

Those centers in foreign nations will reportedly process up to 6,000 migrants per month -- or 72,000 per year -- with plans to expand and grow over time.

Adding it all up

According to Breitbart, just the CBP One app, special parole program, and screening centers in foreign countries could allow in as many as 925,000 "legal" migrants per year.

On top of that, there are around 1 million migrants who enter the country every year on temporary work visas, not to mention tens of thousands of migrants who enter annually through the myriad other existing immigration programs.

Then, of course, there are the estimated 1.5 million clearly illegal migrants who sneak or are smuggled across the border on a yearly basis, whom the Biden administration has done very little to address or effectively deter.

More than 3 million new migrants combined

Breitbart noted that, with all of the different "legal" pathways and illegal entrants combined, the Biden administration is essentially planning to usher in more than 3 million new migrants every year.

Those numbers are simply unsustainable and will impose a heavy burden on American communities in terms of resources, jobs, and crime, among other problems that U.S. citizens will be forced to face on their own due to the decisions of the federal government.

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