Biden’s energy secretary claims there is no relationship between Biden’s policies and high energy costs

Just how foolish does the Biden administration think that Americans are?

RNC Research reports that Jennifer Granholm, President Joe Biden’s energy secretary, last week, tried to claim that the astronomical energy prices that Americans have been witnessing have nothing to do with the Biden administration’s policies. 

So, to answer the original question, the Biden administration seems to think that Americans are fairly foolish.

Granholm’s absurd statement

Granholm made the claim last week during a Senate hearing. There, Sen. Roger Marshall (R-KS) asked Granhold: “You do not believe any of your policies have impacted the supply of oil and gas in this country?”

Granholm replied: “Nor does the CEOs of the oil and gas industry 94% of whom have said that the failure to produce more has nothing to do with the policies of government.”

Marshall responded, “I would argue that point, and I think most Americans would as well.” You can say that again.

He continued:

I grew up in the oil and gas industry. I’m still connected to it. And, those folks are afraid to invest because of your policies, your over-aggressive policies. And, I just hope that your economists would stop and take responsibility that the decreased supply in this country is what has led to the increased price, and your policies are responsible.

What else did you expect?

Granholm is the same individual who, last November, literally laughed out loud on national television when she was asked if she had a plan to increase production so as to lower the cost of oil and gas for Americans.

Biden administration critics argue that what we are seeing from the Biden administration is a plan to force Americans to go green by driving up the price of oil and gas. This plan was first revealed shortly after Biden became president when he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, and he has stuck by his plan ever since, despite the financial impact it is having on Americans.

Granholm, in fact, during the Senate hearing even implied that the answer to the energy crisis is to, for example, turn to electric cars.

“The last time you filled your car up with gasoline, do you remember what the price was?” Marshall asked, to which Granholm replied, “I drive an electric vehicle.” Democrats in the room laughed.

None of this is a laughing matter to Americans, though, who are not as foolish as the Biden administration seems to believe. Democrats are about to find this out during the upcoming midterm elections.

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