Biden’s Education Department proposes removing teacher sexual assault data from survey

In its latest move, the Biden administration seemingly wants to sweep under the rug a critical piece of information that could happen in any child’s classroom.

According to the Washington Examiner, Biden’s Department of Education is now looking at the possibility of removing a question from its 2021-2022 Civil Rights Data Collection survey that collects information about teacher-student sexual assault incidents, and critics aren’t happy. 

Such an idea is especially notable given that angry and concerned parents have already spoken out in an impactful way earlier this month in elections across the country. Democrats are apparently not getting the message that parents actually care what happens inside of the classroom, which for most is a concern that transcends political leanings.

What’s going on?

The Education Department’s proposal would mean that the data collected would no longer specify whether sexual assaults recorded were student-student or teacher-student.

The specificity was originally added by former President Donald Trump’s administration, who clearly cared about what was happening in classrooms and wanted parents to be fully aware. For some reason, the Biden administration wants to do away with that.

Trump added the differentiation to the question after a previous report from 2018 indicated that some 15,000 assaults took place, but there was no way of determining how many were teacher-initiated and how many were student-initiated.

According to the new proposal, the Office of Civil Rights “will continue to collect data on the number of documented incidents of offenses that occur at the school, including the number of documented incidents of sexual assault committed by students and staff.”

Immediate backlash

Not surprisingly, a number of high-profile critics of the move, including former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, issued harsh rebukes of the proposal, which they say endangers students.

“There is no rational way to justify sweeping teachers sexually assaulting students under the rug,” DeVos told the Examiner.

DeVos added: “The only explanation is that the Biden Administration is a wholly owned subsidiary of the teacher union bosses, who have long tried to cover up teachers behaving badly.”

“If you wonder why American families have lost all faith in the education system, this is another example as to why,” the former secretary said.

It’s truly sickening, and dumbfounding for most, that the Biden administration would even consider such a move at all, let alone make an issue out of it. But on the other hand, the more moves like this that they make, the higher the chance that Dem candidates will be absolutely wiped out in 2022 and 2024.

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