Biden’s DOJ goes after Texas abortion law again, files second request with SCOTUS

It didn’t take long for the pro-abortion Biden administration to take advantage of the controversy surrounding Texas’ new abortion legislation to keep its base happy.

According to The Daily Wire, President Joe Biden’s Justice Department is once again asking the U.S. Supreme Court to issue an injunction blocking Texas’ fetal heartbeat law, which effectively bans abortion after the six-week mark of a pregnancy. The bill also allows private citizens to file suit against illegal abortion providers. 

The DOJ previously attempted to have the law blocked by the high court shortly after it was passed, undoubtedly for political expediency. However, at the time, the conservative majority court refused to grant the emergency request.

“Clearly unconstitutional”

Biden’s DOJ contends that Texas’ law, which is now considered to be the strictest anti-abortion law in the country, as it not only bans the practice after six weeks, but makes virtually no exceptions for rape and incest cases, is “unconstitutional.”

“Allowing S.B. 8 to remain in force would irreparably harm those interests and perpetuate the ongoing irreparable injury to the thousands of Texas women who are being denied their constitutional rights,” the DOJ wrote in its emergency application.

It added: “Texas, in contrast, would suffer no cognizable injury from a preliminary injunction barring enforcement of a plainly unconstitutional law.”

While the DOJ and abortion providers scored a temporary injunction against the law early on when a liberal federal judge sided with them, just days later, a federal appeals court reversed that decision, allowing the law to remain in force.

The DOJ is once again doing whatever it can to at least temporarily pause the controversial law until the next upcoming hearing date in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, set to take place on Dec. 6.

SCOTUS responds

According to Yahoo News, the Supreme Court signaled on Monday that it will expedite the DOJ’s application, noting that the high court has given Texas officials until Thursday to file their response to the DOJ’s request.

In addition, the high court also signaled that it will fast-track its consideration of whether it will take up yet another challenge mounted by a group of abortion providers.

Only time will tell if the high court, which consists of a strong conservative majority, will rule as many pro-life conservatives hope they will. Regardless, all eyes will undoubtedly be on the upcoming decision.

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