Biden’s DOJ files SCOTUS brief supporting Harvard in case brought by Asian American students

President Joe Biden and his administration have relentlessly insisted that America has a “systemic” racism problem and has vowed to fight it — though it appears that vow is only reserved for certain minority groups.

That was evidenced this week as, according to the Washington Examiner, Biden’s Justice Department filed a brief at the Supreme Court requesting that it rejects an appeal brought against Harvard University by a group of Asian students who claim the prestigious university discriminated against them in the admissions process.

The case, known as Students for Fair Admissions v. President and Fellows of Harvard College, deals with racial discrimination, in the sense that the plaintiffs allege Harvard purposely turns down Asian American applicants so as to not have that particular minority group overrepresented on campus.

While Harvard has scored victories in the case in lower court levels, the appeal from the students has made its way to the high court, and out of all of the issues facing America, the Biden administration apparently believes, inexplicably, that intervening in the case — on behalf of Harvard — is a top priority.

What’s happening?

In their appeal to the high court, the plaintiff group, known as Students for Fair Admissions, requested that it overrule previous cases dealing with affirmative action-based college admissions, such as the 2003 landmark Grutter v. Bollinger case.

The previous rulings by SCOTUS on the subject have ruled in favor of allowing colleges to use race as an admissions decision, as long as such a decision was a secondary measure.

Biden’s DOJ made clear in its brief supporting Harvard that such rules are perfectly acceptable, writing, “The principles that Grutter articulated are correct.”

It added: “The Court explained that the educational benefits of diversity may qualify as a compelling interest because a university may conclude that those benefits are ‘essential to its educational mission.'”

Trump supported them

Under former President Donald Trump’s presidency, the 45th president’s DOJ supported Students for Fair Admissions, giving the group a massive boost in 2018, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

At the time, Trump’s DOJ filed a case in Massachusetts federal court alleging that Harvard was engaging in “racial balancing” practices, “including using subjective personality ratings that give Asian Americans with otherwise stellar applications lower scores,” the LA Times report noted.

Then-Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions said at the time that his DOJ felt compelled to intervene in the case to “protect the civil rights of the American people.”

It’s truly amazing how Trump, who was labeled on a daily basis by the left as a “racist” and a “xenophobe,” was clearly on the right side of this particular issue. Meanwhile, liberal pundits remain hilariously silent as the Biden administration backs an Ivy League university that uses race as an admissions decision.

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