Biden's DOJ fights to continue to release migrants without court notices

May 14, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

With the end of Title 42, which helped keep illegal immigration somewhat manageable, the Biden administration is scrambling.

According to the Washington Examiner, the administration took steps on Friday to appeal a previous ruling that blocked the administration from releasing migrants without a court notice.

The Biden administration wants to have the legal power to release migrants on parole, presumably in order to expedite the processing procedures that are already gummed up due to the lax, open-border policies pushed by the current administration.

The administration filed an emergency motion on Friday, asking for a halt to Thursday's two-week restraining order that prevents the administration from releasing migrants without a court notice.

DOJ fights

Hilariously, Biden's Justice Department argued that not having the ability to release migrants like the White House wants to "irreparably" harms the United States.

"This Court’s vacatur and injunction irreparably harm the United States and the public by frustrating measures that are necessary to secure the border and protect the health and welfare of both migrants and Border Patrol Agents, in light of the significant increase in the number of noncitizens who have arrived," the DOJ wrote.

They didn't mention that the "significant increase" is a direct result of their disastrous policies.

The DOJ added: "That authority is limited. DHS can no longer expel noncitizens arriving from other countries to Mexico under Title 42 and lacks the resources to detain this record number of arrivals, or the staffing and facilities to safely process and issue charging documents to all these new arrivals in the normal course."

"[It] leaves DHS only inferior options in the event the number of migrants encountered over the coming days and weeks causes DHS to substantially exceed its detention capacity: for example, DHS could apprehend individuals and release them with notices to report (with no accompanying enforcement mechanism) or, in a worst-case scenario, decline to apprehend certain border-crossers altogether," the Justice Department continued.

Biden's DOJ went on to threaten that if the stay isn't granted, it will "seek emergency relief from the Eleventh Circuit" by Monday.

Social media reacts

News of the DOJ's filing for relief drew sharp criticism from high-profile conservatives and regular Americans.

"Every Attorney General, Governor in America should file a brief to stop this madness," one user tweeted.

Another Twitter user added: "Unconstitutional, ignore and continue to stop and deport illegal migrants."

Only time will tell if the Biden administration gets what it wants. If it does, we need to start praying pretty quickly, as America's demise seems closer than ever before.

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