Biden's dog sent Secret Service agent to the hospital: Report

July 26, 2023
Matthew Boose

Joe Biden's German Shepherd might look cute, but he has a nasty bite - just ask the Secret Service agent who wound up in the hospital. 

Biden's bodyguards were bitten at least seven times by the president's dog Commander between October and January, the New York Post reported.

The White House is throwing its agents under the bus and blaming the "stress" of the work environment.

Biden replaced his old German shepherd, Major, after similar biting incidents.

Biden's nasty pup

One of Commander's victims was sent to the hospital after a pair of bites to the arm and leg. The victim was forced to defend themselves with a steel cart and left in a "considerable amount of pain."

The victim later commiserated with another agent over e-mail, who said Commander would have been put down if he had different owners.

“What a joke … if it wasn’t their dog he would already have been put down – freaking clown needs a muzzle," the agent wrote.

In another incident, the Bidens were leaving the "family movie theater" one night in December when the president unleashed the dog - despite his history of aggression - to run through the Kennedy Garden.

An agent who was moving through the garden at the time received a bite on the left forearm, "resulting in bruising and approximately a 1 1/2 cm cut" and a bite on the right hand leaving a 1 centimeter cut to the thumb.

White House blames "stress"

In yet another incident, Jill Biden was taking Commander for a walk in the Kennedy Garden when he suddenly sprinted towards an agent and attacked.

“I saw Commander exit the Kennedy Garden and sprint towards me. I immediately stopped and put my hands up. Commander then bit me on left [thigh] and then ran back towards the First Lady,” the officer wrote in an email.

The incidents were exposed in Secret Service emails obtained by conservative watchdog Tom Fitton, of Judicial Watch. The White House brushed off the controversy, saying the executive mansion is "a unique and often stressful environment for family pets."

"The First Family is working through ways to make this situation better for everyone,” Jill Biden spokesperson Elizabeth Alexander said in a statement.

If Biden can't even control his dog, how is he supposed to lead the country?

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