Biden’s Department of Education ending Trump Title IX reforms

Americans can say goodbye to their free speech rights at federally funded schools as President Biden’s Department of Education has decided to end Trump-era free speech protections.

Former President Donald Trump put in place Title IX due process regulations that guaranteed the rights of the accused and accusers in sexual assault cases. Without those regulations, according to Sarah Perry, a senior legal fellow for the Heritage Foundation, “It ultimately returns Title IX back to a guilty until proven innocent standard.”

The Biden administration is going to reverse rules requiring the right to be represented by counsel, the presumption of innocence, the ability to cross-examine and to introduce witnesses.

Gross injustice

Before the reforms President Trump put in place existed, unfounded accusations of sexual harassment and assault could be used to ruin the lives of young Americans.

As Perry explained, students accused of sexual harassment and assault will once again find themselves in a “guilty until proven innocent” situation.

However, the announcement from the Biden administration likely heralds a worse situation than what existed before Donald Trump cleaned house.

Speech First executive director Cherise Trump sounded the alarm warning that free speech in public universities is at stake.

Trump said, “Previously, the process for adjudicating serious harassment allegations on campus had been plagued by bias, vagueness, and overreach. Any changes could put students’ free speech rights at risk and will only exacerbate the problem of self-censorship that has been plaguing our campuses.”

The Biden administration is stripping Americans of their rights and there is no doubt that education will only decline in quality and lives will be ruined.

DOE is out of control

President Biden’s Department of Education has once again stepped on the rights of Americans with this latest move.

The Biden administration has used the DOE to push the leftist agenda. These new changes to Title IX are particularly egregious and Republicans should respond and work to block these changes from happening.

American colleges are already a cesspit of regressive ideology and toxic leftism that works to limit the rights of American students.

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