Joe Biden’s brother Frank photographed mask-free at birthday party

If there was just one key point that President Joe Biden repeatedly hammered away throughout the 2020 campaign, it was his insistence that all Americans should wear face masks as a precaution against contracting or spreading COVID-19.

Thus, it did not go unnoticed that the president’s own brother, Frank Biden, was spotted at a party in Florida last week while not wearing a mask or social distancing, despite being among a large crowd of other people.

No mask for Biden’s brother

Frank Biden, one of the president’s younger brothers, was in attendance at a birthday party in Ft. Lauderdale for boxer Floyd Mayweather and, while there, posed for a picture with Mayweather and two other guests, all of whom were unmasked. Other guests who were visible in the background were also not wearing masks, as seen in the photo published by The New York Post’s Page Six.

Page Six first reported on Frank being seen maskless at the party but noted that, according to an unnamed source, he has already been fully vaccinated and only took his mask off for the photo and was wearing it at all other times during the gathering.

A source also informed the Post that the party organizers had implemented COVID-19 checks for all attendees and that everyone had been given a specially branded mask upon entry to the venue, which according to another source had been limited to only 30 percent of its usual capacity.

Biden: Masks needed before and after shot

While all of that may well be true, it nevertheless flies directly in the face of President Biden’s repeated admonitions for everyone — including those who’ve already been vaccinated — to always wear a mask when out in public and around other people.

In fact, Biden just reemphasized that point Saturday during a visit to a Pfizer vaccine manufacturing facility in Michigan.

“The fundamental basic elements are that, before you get the shot and after — if you get the shots and after — social distancing save lives, wearing masks saves lives, making sure that you wash your hands with hot water saves lives,” Biden said. “This is not hyperbole. This is not a political statement. It’s a reality. The science has demonstrated that.”

Fauci says masks still necessary after vaccination

Nor is this anything new, either, as CNBC reported weeks ago that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the infectious disease expert who headed up the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force, insisted that everybody must wear a mask — perhaps even two at the same time — regardless of if they had received a vaccination or not.

Fauci said as much during an online question and answer session with the White House COVID-19 Response Team, of which he is a part, when asked whether people who had been vaccinated could still spread the virus to others who weren’t yet vaccinated.

“Clinical trials showed the vaccines were highly safe and effective in preventing symptomatic COVID-19, including serious disease. However, vaccinated people may still be able to spread the virus,” Fauci said in a tweet. “Until we learn more, it is important to wear a mask & socially distance. -AF”

It would appear that Frank Biden either didn’t get that message or chose to ignore it, neither of which speaks particularly well for the effectiveness of his presidential brother’s incessant mantra on the importance of mask-wearing.

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